January 8, 2012

Opinion: Baby Ivy Blue Carter

G'morning folks!

Whether you're just waking up, on the commute to church/worship services, or you're just winding down from the night before I'm sure you've heard the "big" news. Beyonce birthed a baby girl in New York yesterday evening. I won't waste my time sparring the details, as it's all over the internet but I will state my opinion about this whole baby frenzy.

First of all, congratulations to Sean (Jay-Z) and Beyonce. A baby is a beautiful blessing and I hope that baby Ivy is healthy and happy....But I'm already tired of the negativity surrounding this child. I'm not a really big Jay-Z and Beyonce fan, but still they're humans and bleed red blood just like the rest of us. It's sad how people have so much hate inside of them, that they don't think logically. It's just a baby there a millions of them in the United States, this one is not special or made of gold.

Originally, I found out after logging on to Twitter that the baby was delivered by C-Section. I already hate the people of Twitter, but tonight, the hate I have for them is at an all time high. I don't know what it is about Twitter where people feel as though they can say anything they want to without a care. There were so many jokes about baby's name and one guy even mentioned that he would be the first to take her virginity (photo of tweet below). The SICKEST thing I have ever heard in my entire life. This is a BABY for Christ's sake! Leave baby Ivy alone.

It's been reported that Jay and B spent 1.4 million dollars to renovate one of the floors in the hospital. NOT just one room an entire floor! This is why I can't get with Jay and B. They act as though they want a private life, but the types of shenanigans they pull tell me otherwise. First of all it's SELFISH. All the other people in the hospital who are sick or in labor need rooms and they can just vacate a floor with the drop of a few millions of dollars? SICK! Shouldn't that violate some kinds of health codes? If the rich can buy a floor of a public hospital, their power is limitless. Which is scary.

Last but not least, the name: Ivy Blue Carter (As of late, the official name has not been released but most reports confirm that this is the name). When I first saw the name, I thought "original" but then when I read various speculations about how the name came about, it just kind of disappointed me. I thought with this child, Jay and B would reclaim some "normalness", but things don't appear to be evolving anytime soon. Supposedly, the name is nothing but a whole bunch of symbolism. (IV) = 4 in roman numerals, which was the title for B's latest album and the couple's favorite number. Blue is Jay's favorite color and the title of his series of albums (The BLUEprint). I won't say if I disagree or agree with the Illuminati crap, but why is there always so much symbolism with these two (mostly Jay-Z)? Another thing that annoys me with them.

In conclusion, I'm happy that Jay and B finally have a little princess to watch the throne but there are thousands of babies born in the United States everyday, and this one shouldn't be anything special (well, why am I blogging about it, right?). If people would mind their own, and not worship celebrities the world would be a much better place. If we don't feed the monster, it won't grow. I'm just saying.


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