February 21, 2012

Bad, Bad Move Rihanna and Chris

If you're into music or not, you've probably seen that they've (Rihanna and Chris Brown) teamed up to make two songs together after several years of seemingly avoiding each other. Their new collaboration may not come as a surprise to many, but it's still the buzz in the entertainment world. As an avid Chris Brown fan, how do feel about this?

First of all, I quite frankly believe that this move was stupid business-wise. Rihanna fans and Chris Brown fans are virtually enemies since that one violent incident. After the incident Rihanna supposedly went on a crusade against domestic violence and blasted Chris every chance she got, making her fans believe that she hated him. On the other hand, Chris Brown fans tirelessly defended him, not believing the hype and going against the media to support him. I wouldn't say that I did all that, but I still supported Chris, because Rihanna was just...Fake.

If the management team of Rihanna and Chris had any sense, they would've stopped them from making such an idiotic move from the start. While some of Rihanna and Chris' fans will stand beside and support anything that they do, there are still lots of fans who feel betrayed and even hurt. A couple months back when it was just RUMORED that they were working together, Rihanna's fans were highly upset, voicing their opinion on social networks, message boards, and e-mail. It was loud and clear that they weren't happy with her decision to work with the 'monster'. Rihanna played her fans like a guitar, and if I were a die hard fan (which I am the total opposite), I could see why they'd be insulted.

Personally, I don't feel betrayed at all, as it's their life and money that they're playing around with. It won't hurt me either way. However, I do feel as though if they wanted to rekindle their friendship, they should not have did it through music. I am a fan of Chris Brown's music, I couldn't care less about his personal life. The fact is that they are both 'normal' people, and 'normal' people do this kind of on-again-off-again relationship all the time. Is it unhealthy? Yes. But people still do it regardless. People are so up in arms with these two because they're celebrities, it's public.

Finally, I've heard both songs and the originals are much better, I'm quite sure they'll be far more successful than the remixes. I just think this was a bad business move. Trying to bring together two different audiences, is like trying to mix oil and water. Maybe (hopefully) this is just a publicity stunt. As much as I'd like this to go away, I know this is probably only just the beginning...

February 15, 2012

February 4, 2012