May 29, 2012

Being a Virgin Is a Sin

When's the last time you got some? Have sex now and be saved from eternal damnation because being a virgin is a sin. Warning: This is probably my longest blog ever proceed with caution :)

In case you didn't know Meagan Good is getting married sometime this year. It was reported a few days ago that she and her husband were waiting to be married to have sex, despite being together for a couple years, they have never had sex (although she has had sex before getting together with him she's practicing abstinence). Probably mostly because her husband to be is a minister but either way I was happy to hear that they are waiting for marriage as most modern couples do not. My happiness turned to disgust when I read some comments about this story on a blog site. Here are some direct quotes (from:

"THAT'S STUPID!!!! Who buys a car without driving it first?? She doesn't even know if his dick works, if it's 3 inches long or if he lasts maximum 4 minutes. He might me impotent for all she knows..." - Anonymous 4:41pm

"So what he's GAY! Of a DL Bro which doesn't surprise me being so involved with the church and all!" - Anonymous
3:49 pm

"Ok so either A) he's waitin on some clean test results B) he's waitin on 50 cent's funk to wash off, or C) he has a whack wank and dont want her to know about it. Either way I get the feeling that this "waiting until marriage" thing is HIS idea. *Shrugs* congrats to the couple, hope they end up happily ever after." - Another Nobody 2:55 pm

"So judging by the majority of the comments, its okay to have sex outside of marriage? Why is the bible always thrown at the gays. Seems like everyone is sinning. Shouldn't we all be waiting until marriage to have sex?" -TY 1:16 pm

You're probably wondering why I quoted mostly negative comments ...Well the answer is simple. Out of the nearly 200 comments, there weren't very many positive things said. I was actually surprised, but after thinking about it, lately being a virgin or even being abstinent is considered 'uncool', stupid, shameful and even sinful.

It's in movies, music, and TV...Being a virgin sucks. Remember the movie The 40 Year Old Virgin starring Steve Carrell as a 40 year old guy who had never had sex? The whole movie portrayed his life to be boring, uninteresting, miserable and quite shitty because of his virgin status. What about the slew of no strings attached movies that came out within the last year? Where sex always leads to romance and love.

I don't have a problem with people having sex before they're married, as it's their life and their choice, I have a problem with the negativity being placed on virginity. Then we wonder why kids are starting to have sex at 12 years old. Girls think they'll never fall in love if they don't have sex (or they think sex always equals love) and guys think sex makes them more masculine and cool. Some people just do it to say they did it. Virginity is becoming
less coveted and more ridiculed.

I remember back in high school I loved
The Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. When I was in 10th grade I got to the last book in the series. By the time I got to the second chapter, I closed the book and threw it on my bed. Phrases like "Have you seen "it"" or "Are you two going do "it"?". I hated the fact that the author had to use sex to make the last book more appealing. Sex sells.

There's a whole sexual propaganda out there. People who are sexy and sexual have a good life, while clean cut virgins are nerdy and boring. If you want to have a good life, you need to do this and the worst thing in the world is to be a virgin BS.

My parents always told me to wait for marriage when I would inquire about sex as a preteen. Once I became a teenager we had "The Talk" but they never told me it was totally wrong to have pre-marital sex but I decided early on I wasn't having sex before marriage. I don't find it hard to not have sex, but I do find it hard to live in a society that says what I'm doing is wrong, stupid, and lame. Sex is such a major part of relationships these days, and even though I am proud and confident with my decision it makes me feel more hopeless that I'm not going to find the right person or The One without having sex. I was even called naive when I told a guy how I felt about sex. I don't think sex should make or break any relationship but most people think the exact opposite.

There's this gameshow called Baggage, where the contestants are competing to win over a guy/girl solely by revealing how much baggage they have. Some of the contestants reveal odd things like their a convicted felon, Satan worshipper, and they enjoy being in unstable, open relationships. On one episode a female contestant revealed that she was a virgin, and the guy eliminated her during the first round. I think my helpless feeling was justified when I watched that. Especially when he ended up choosing a girl who had been to jail for theft and still sleeps with stuffed animals.

It's been said many times that there's someone for everyone. Surprisingly, even as hopeless as I feel, I have faith in that phrase. I believe that there is some guy who doesn't think I'm stuck up, naive or boring because I'm not having sex with him. I wish society's viewpoint on this topic would evolve...i feel like Hester Prynne in The Scarlet Letter, but instead I'm wearing a big V on my blouse instead of an A.

If being a virgin is a sin, I'm a sinner...


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