May 20, 2012

Guys and Girls CANNOT Be Friends

Whilst browsing on Facebook, I noticed a typical post that said 'Like this if you believe this, comment if you don't believe this'. Usually I just ignore such posts, as they are super annoying, but this one I totally disagree with.

I don't believe that males and females can be just friends without one catching feelings sooner or later. I know this from experience, maybe My situation is is different as all situations are different. But I've seen it happen to others time and time again. Just think about how many couples were best friends before dating?

There's also the books, movies, music, and even family members convincing people that their opposite sex friend should be their lover. It's not easy to escape societal pressure, and some people become convinced that their friend is their soulmate, after all they have so much in common! Then three things may happen: a.) Their relationship fails and they figure out they are meant to be friends b.) It's a success, they end up married and have a fairytale ending or c.) It's successful, they marry, then figure out shortly thereafter they were better off friends.

I'm no relationship expert, and this is only my opinion but yeah...I would offer advice (or my opinion) on how girls and guys can be friends but that's another post, for another time.


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