September 26, 2012

The Mindy Project (Pilot Review)

Generally, I'm not a modern sitcom viewer. Of course I enjoy Modern Family and Big Bang Theory occasionally, but The Golden Girls, Three's Company, The Jeffersons and Martin (just to name a few) will forever overrule any modern sitcom in my opinion. A lot of today's sitcoms try too hard to be in the realm of great sitcom history which is why most of them fail early on. Some of the greatest things in life were created accidentally not purposefully. I thought the same thing when I saw an ad for a new sitcom called The Mindy Project.

With the new season arriving, tons of new TV shows are rolling out, and hardly any of them piqued my interest initially, until I saw Letterman interviewing Mindy Kaling about her new show. Prior to seeing her on Letterman, I had never heard of her nor had I ever seen her on my TV screen. She seemed poised, interesting, funny, and relatable which led me to watch the first episode of her self-entitled sitcom.

If you hate spoilers, this is the time to stop reading! Or if you're like me and hate spoilers but can't stop reading, keep reading.

As the first few minutes of the sitcom suggest, Mindy is a hopeless romantic soul who can quote the line of any romantic comedy ever made. She becomes a successful OB/GYN and seeks out to find her own "happily ever after". Now in her early 30's, she feels more hopeless and single than ever especially after being dumped by the man of her dreams. After attending her ex-knight in shining armor's wedding she gets heavily drunk, crashes the wedding, rides a bike across town, is teased by a talking Barbie doll, and gets arrested. Keep in mind this is only the first five minutes of the pilot.

Mindy's life seems to be spinning out of control as she tries to come to terms with the fact that she's 31 and still single. Instead of facing reality, she wants her life to be more like the romantic comedies that she's adored her entire life, but it's taking much longer (and less magical) than she anticipated.

The show seems promising and very relatable, at least for me. Although I'm not 30 (nor am I an OB/GYN), I have always dreamed of a real life romance like the movies. I know (well, hope) someday I'm going have my fairytale romance. However, I think it's important to be realistic, I realized this a couple years ago, but some people will end up chasing a fairytale their entire life.

Anyway, there were some things I did not like about the first episode. It does seem VERY predictable and it is cliche'. I mean how many times have we seen a young professional looking for a little love in a big city? How many times have we seen a young female trying to survive the dating world while still tackling fashion, work, and friends? Countless, right? But I guess most rom-com fans like this formula. Next, one of the running jokes throughout this episode was caring for patients with or without insurance. One of Mindy's white insured patients went into labor and she dropped everything and ran on foot across town to deliver the baby. On the other hand, a Muslim woman who did not speak English, and did not have health insurance went into labor and Mindy wanted to ignore her. I didn't like those jokes, too many people are without health insurance in this country. It is a very sad reality that doctors do in fact treat uninsured patients differently than insured ones. It's not something I want to hear joked about.

All in all, this was just the first episode and maybe it'll get better as time goes on. I will be watching the next episode or two, as I think it does have potential to be a decent show!