May 21, 2013

"Cornerstore" Food Will KILL You

For those of you who don't know what a "cornerstore" is, it is basically a convenience store. They are often nicknamed "cornerstore" because usually they are located on the corner of an intersection. After grabbing a quick bite to eat at one of local cornerstores, I have something to say. 

I wanted a meal to eat and didn't feel like travelling across town. My favorite homestyle restaurants are at least 5 miles away from where I live. So, on the way home, I pulled in one of the nearest corner stores and bought a plate lunch. the store wasn't very appealing physically but, I don't mind the physical imperfections, as long as the food seems clean enough. The food seemed fresh, And as I was walking in, one of the workers was putting out fresh chicken. It smelled great and looked just as good as it smelled. I decided on chicken wings and red beans, but after the first bite, it was nothing like what I'm accustomed to. 

It was tooooo salty. The whole plate. I don't cook with salt, and the moment it hit my tongue I knew It was high blood pressure and high cholesterol on a plate. The chicken wings were obscurely covered in salt and seasoning. I ate the plate because I was hungry but it took two water bottles and a Sprite to wash the salty taste out of my mouth. I just finished the plate about 30 minutes ago and I'm very gassy (belching, flatulence were the key signs) and a little nauseous but not enough to bother me. 

I bet the owners don't even eat the stuff. Why do they serve us such crud? I think a lot of the cornerstore owners think that making good food means adding more salt. My red beans contain no salt, but taste well seasoned. The red beans I purchased were salty and spicy. I often wonder how store owners learn their soul food cooking skills since most of them are not American and a good bit of them don't even speak English. 

A couple months back I was headed to work and needed something to eat. I had forgotten my lunch at home and even though I have had bad experiences with cornerstore food, I thought I would try another one that I hadn't eaten from in years. Once again (shocker!) the food was super salty and spicy. I shared some with my co-worker and she almost choked due to the seasoning. It was around 3:30 when I stopped to the store, around the time school children were headed home from school. I saw lots of young people from grade school age to high school age going into the store and buying food. I'm no health junkie by far, but just to think all the sodium those kids would be ingesting (some on a regular basis) made me mad. Presumably, they were probably latchkey kids and wouldn't get a good cooked meal until later in the evening when their parents came home so cornerstore food was the next best thing.

I think it should be illegal for cornerstores to serve potentially fatal foods. When eating out you truly don't know what's in your food but if you can taste that something is wrong, that's pretty bad. Salt and oil are atery cloggers (high cholesterol) and stimulate blood pressure as well as diabetes which are both some of the top killers of minorities (specifically blacks and hispanics). Cornerstores are big businesses placed strategically in high poverty areas, within walking distance from project and section 8 housing. Perfect for a poor family without a vehicle. The owners are often well to do and drive a high end vehicle to their deathtrap. Of course, not ALL cornerstores are the same but a lot of them are quite similar. In my opinion cornerstores are even an injustice to the people that they serve. The prices are super inflated, the food unhealthy, the building unclean, makes me wonder exactly what the store owners think about the community that pays their bills...


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