October 30, 2014

Why Did Kanye Marry Kim Kardashian? [A theory]

I was going through my old blog posts and stumbled across this blog that I wrote when I was the uber Kanye West fan. Although I have severed my ties with him since he's went total left field, there are some strands still there. I am hoping to one day be a Kanye fan again, it was fun, it was bold, it was a uninhibited. I think I've changed and grown up, so I don't really believe my fanship will ever be the same. Now on to the burning question...

As I stated previously, I ran across this old blog post and it was a review/commentary on Kanye's short film "Runaway". After I read it and thought about it, I had an epiphany. Before you continue to read this post, please read my post from 2011 about the "Runaway" film, click here!

So if you've read my review/commentary on the short film, (which I just know you have!) you may already know what I'm trying to say here. Or maybe not.

One of the main themes of the "Runaway" film was about how people in Hollywood (and in general) don't accept differences. When the bird woman (portrayed by Selita Ebanks) was at the dinner table with all the rich and pristine people (who Kanye calls the 'douche bags'), they stared at her, laughed at her, and wouldn't dare accept her because she was just too strange. Eventually, this leads to the bird flying back home, because she doesn't like it here. Kanye even sings to her "...runaway as fast as you can." He liked the bird woman and seemed to fall in love with her, but his lifestyle as a celebrity would eventually run her away. Pusha T raps about the same concept when he says (I'm paraphrasing) that nothing in Hollywood is free. The material things aren't free and the cons that go with being a celebrity is a hefty price to pay.

Fast forward to present day, we have one of Hollywood's most famous couple Kimye. I admit, I was quite shocked when I found out Kanye had made such a leap. True, he had Amber Rose but in my opinion that seemed more genuine than Kanye and Kim. When I found out they were dating, that's when I walked out of the front door with my suitcase and sweet memories, never looking back again. But I think I have discovered why Kanye and Kim are an item.

Kanye all but said in his Runaway film that to find a woman he truly loves is difficult if not impossible while being a celebrity. He likes different, he wants different, he wants someone from out of his world, but just like in the film, it never works out. Enter Kim, she's been in the limelight for years, she knows how to look, how to act, how to blend and even how to be like the douchebags he toasts to in the film. I don't think it was a marriage of love but one of convenience because she fits in. I think Kanye realized that he's never going to have his ideal woman while being a celebrity, so he switched up his thinking. He figures that things will be so much easier if he just marries not only a celebrity, but one of the most famous of our time (unfortunately...). It was also a power move, they can both boost each other up financially. It's obvious, as a couple they are more powerful than they were separately.

It's like high school if you think about it. Say a famous jock likes this girl who's funny, smart, and likes sports just as much as he does. But she's not in his circle, she's not around the people he's around all the time. Sure he could date her, show the guys that he doesn't care what they think but what about her? After the football victories, dining with the team, the jocks, their cheerleader girlfriends, how would she feel? She'd feel out of place, awkward, and uncomfortable. She'd wonder what the guys say about her since their girlfriends are the right 'type' and she's just average. She'll second guess everything and wonder if she belongs and then the strain will becom too much...Heart breaks...The end. I believe Kanye knows and understands that Hollywood works precisely this way.

It's tough it seems to be a celebrity...But is it worse than being average? In the end, I don't even know what Kanye is thinking, I'm not psychic this is just my theory. I truly hope that it lasts for the baby's sake. Carry on.

October 23, 2014

Hollywood Divas Episode 3 Review

I know I previously told you guys I wouldn't tune into the show regularly (click the link at the bottom of this post for my episode 1 review) . I didn't care to watch the second episode and since there was nothing else on TV I tuned in to the third one that premiered tonight (10/22/14). Keep in mind, I'm not talking about these scenes in the true order in which they occurred, just as I see fit.

Ok, first of all, this episode made me fall even more in love with Lisa and Countess. As I said in my review of the first episode, Lisa and Countess were my faves from the start. Countess is so darn funny and cute. Lisa is super sweet and I just love her personality. They both met up at a kickboxing class and ended up talking about Golden, basically trying to run things. To be honest, I understand what Golden meant when she told Countess to work on her soul before getting liposuction. Beauty and confidence starts from within and many celebrities mess themselves up because they get all this cosmetic stuff done and think it's going to solve the problem. I think she thinks that if she gets down in weight things will be easier, but it's not going to be if she doesn't already see her beauty. Anyway, from the looks of the clips for upcoming episodes, she had it done anyway, so I'm wasting my words here. Lisa released her frustrations about Golden at the gym and advised Countess to do the same, which was hilarious!

Next, my least favorites Golden and Elise met up for a "dance recital/audition". Elise told Golden that she needed another dancer for her dance troupe and Golden told her she would show her that she'd be a good replacement. Chile, Golden looked a mess doing whatever that was that she did. It wasn't particularly bad dancing (and I say that with a box of salt), but it was boring and not captivating at all. It wasn't even sexy, which is what Elise's dance troupe is about, because her face was stone hard the entire time. I am SO getting tired of her talking about her degree from Sarah Lawrence! They must've paid her to be a spokesperson or something. Elise was genuinely surprised, probably because she knows that Golden thinks she's the queen of everything.

Further into the show, Paula Jai brings her mom to her new rent-to-own house. Her mom seems very salty about the whole situation. As they walk through the house her mom constantly tells her how disappointed she is that Paula has turned out the way she has turned out. She is also disappointed with her marriage to Forrest Gump (but even Gump had several jobs!). Her mom also keeps repeating that she made so many sacrifices for daughter to make sure she was successful. This scene bothered me for several reasons. First, it really, really hurts when a parent says they're disappointed in you. Not just you, but your whole life! Even the mere look of disappointment in my mother's eyes sent me crying. I was hurt even hearing her mom say those things to her. It doesn't seem like they have a very good relationship, and I think her marriage to Forrest is the culprit. Her mother is right about a couple things thing: WHY isn't Forrest working? Paula seems like a battered woman, because every time her mom mentioned her husband's faults, Paula found a way to make it her own fault. She said he's not working because she told him to work with her instead of getting a real job. Here's the kicker: She even says that her husband signed up to marry a rich woman and she feels bad because she's not rich. Say what now? That man should not have married you for money honey. What about love? What about companionship? What about family?  Paula has some serious man issues, and I think she needs some counseling.

I cannot stand it when people say "I'm an artist". Usually they use this phrase to justify some outlandish idea or to make themselves feel better about some fuckery they've contrived. The second thing that her mom is right about: After Paula keeps saying she's an artist her mom comes back with the best line ever: "What good is the art if you're starving?". I'm all about art and artists but sometimes (especially if you don't even have a roof over your head AND you have a baby to care for) the art has to be put on the back burner. I also notice that Paula is very dependent on Forrest. She can't even do a gig without him, which might be why she can't get roles! It's ok to be in love and married but being self-sufficient is important too. Most happily married couples work in separate places, and it doesn't kill them, why can't Paula work alone? Like I said, she has some deep rooted man issues that need to be worked out. This almost reminds me of KeKe Wyatt in the first season of R&B Divas, when she couldn't do anything without her husband Michael, and said she was "nothing without him". Quite sad...

In another scene, Golden gets some bad news about a role she auditioned for...*drumroll* She didn't get the part because the directors wanted to hire another type of minority (Latina/Hispanic). She freaks out on her little Asian friend, throws a tantrum, and runs away. I can understand her frustration but she was being very melodramatic. One way that shows claim diversity is by putting Asians (Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, etc.) and Hispanic (Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc.) in their projects. But those ethnicities do need representation. There are lots of Hispanics and Asians in America, and they want to be on TV as well to represent their race and to represent America. In Hollywood, there are only so many major roles and of course most of them are going to white actors/actresses. It's sad, which is why everyone needs to have a strong fall back game. With all of her degrees, maybe she should teach or find something with stability...All tea, all shade maybe she should start a makeup line with Sammy Sosa.

Finally, towards the end of the show, Paula and Elise attempt to squash their issues with one another, since Elise missed the first meeting to pitch ideas, but it only makes things worse. I have to side with Elise on this one. It seems to me that Paula was sloppy with her career, especially during and after the production of Hustle and Flow. I really believe that Elise was trying to help help her but..That's when she met Forrest, and things just started going downhill. Sometimes the things that are blocking your blessings come in the form of a man...Just saying...

Sidenote: Does anyone else think that Paula Jai looks more Asian than Lisa Wu?! And how are their cell phone speaker calls so damn clear? People always tell me I sound like I'm in a tunnel when I'm on mine...But oh well...

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Realist or Realest? Which is correct?

October 21, 2014

I'm Tired of Uneducated People

Information is readily available to more people than ever before. According to a 2011 Census survey, 75% of American households had internet service and I'm sure in 2014 that percentage has increased. This percentage doesn't even represent the millions of people who access internet via their cell phones or at public places such as a library. If you have any kind of access to the internet, you basically have your hands on all the information you'll ever need. But not all information is good information, and I'll get to that soon.

When you read the title, I'm sure you might have passed some judgments about my comment but I have to be honest here. I'm tired of uneducated people, so much so that I had to make this post. Let me be clear, an educated person is not truly one who goes to school and gets a formal education. Being educated sometimes has little to do with schooling. I know someone who dropped out of school in ninth grade but he is one of the most educated people I've ever met. I also know some people in academia, with advanced degrees who have little education. What makes an educated person?

I believe an educated person is someone with common sense and common sense ain't so common. I'm a college senior and I believe I have become so much more educated because of college. I'm not a smarty pants that can quote Shakespeare, Keats, or Hemingway on the spot. I can't tell you everything about indigenous religions, Marxism, or the Sociological Imagination coined by Mills. I call that information. While I have studied a lot of information in college and I believe I am a well informed person, not all of it stuck but what has stuck is the education. I have learned to be thorough and tedious with my scholarly work, to pay attention to details, to be kind even when you don't understand, to always try to understand what you don't understand, to be self-reliant, that everyone has a different reality/everything is relative, and that all information isn't good information. These are some of the many things I've learned in college and they may sound super basic and maybe even common but they're quite the contrary. I believe these are all qualities that educated people should have, whether you have a Ph.D or not even a G.E.D. You don't truly need a piece of paper to be educated. Which is why some of the richest people in the world don't have beyond a high school diploma.

With so much information out there, learning that all information isn't good information is probably one of the most important things I've learned. Every time I'm on some social media site, someone is reposting some information from unreliable sources and passing it off as fact. It's so easy to create bad information but it's so hard to convince people that it's not something to be relied on. A few weeks ago, this woman posted on Facebook something about President Obama running for a third term. Several people 'liked' it and shared it with their friends. It was baffling that people actually believed it! Every American citizen should know that Presidents are only allowed to serve two consecutive terms. This is common knowledge! The bad part about bad information is that it spreads so quickly, and it's fire that's almost impossible to contain. Fast forward a few days, I'm in my Sociology class and we were discussing current events. One girl, raises her hand and says, "President Obama is running for a third term." I could've cried!

Just yesterday, someone reposted an article saying that "Betty White 'dyed' at age 92". The first clue should've been if they spelled 'died' wrong, then you ought not believe it. Thirty minutes later someone posts a status saying "Rest in Peace Betty White". These are the the kinds of things that scream 'uneducated' to me. Just the basic, checking your sources, reading and comprehending for yourself are imperative. I know you've heard the saying "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything". What you should stand for is the power of your own mind, not what someone else feeds you. There are millions of websites out there with their own agenda, 98% of them aren't reliable. .

I remember when I was younger, my mom would say "You're so smart, but you don't have common sense sometimes!" and I really thought that I was so smart, how could I not know common sense? It didn't register for me at the time but it does now. It's weird, I don't think I'm as smart as I was when I was younger. I was on advanced reading levels, always had the highest grades in the class, but as a college student I'm none of those things but I feel more educated than I've ever felt before.

October 19, 2014

Rest in Peace: Joanne Borgella

I don't aim to be an entertainment blogger, but it just so happens that's what the people want. I'm glad and blessed that I have this voice and this outlet to reach people and I hope this reaches someone who needs it. I write to reach. This post is about not only an entertainer but a beautiful soul, gone too soon. I admit, I write this post with a smidge of anger and hurt, but I'll get to that later.

It was announced a few days ago that actress, singer, model, and all around entertainer Joanne Borgella passed away after a year long battle with Endometrial Cancer. She was just 32. I remember seeing her on American Idol, I thought she was radiant and her confidence was contagious. Then again her beauty shined through on comedienne Mo'nique's modeling competition, Mo'nique's Fat Chance. I was young and admired her because at the time I had no self esteem and hated myself because of my size. If you've been reading my blog since I started of course you know about my struggle with self esteem, which I still have some issues with today.

People say that if you don't like yourself, change it but that's not an easy feat especially when it comes to self esteem. If I don't like myself even if I transformed into a Barbie doll, what good would it do? Anyway, after watching her win Mo'nique's Fat Chance, I vowed to work on me internally. Confidence is something that no one can give or take away from you. Confidence is a blessing, and sometimes even the most beautiful people don't have a lick of it. I said all of this to say that Joanne Borgella was one of the people who inspired me to accept me. She planted that mustard seed that I needed to grow, to make me love who I was. After the modeling competition, I didn't transform over night, God knows I didn't but the process started and that was an amazing obstacle in itself.

I'm angry because Joanne was an inspiration to so many, not only because of her internal beauty but also because of her brave Cancer fight. I'm angry because it took what felt like forever for this woman's untimely death to be announced on any major media site. Even in media that targets African-Americans, NOTHING! I understand she wasn't a major celebrity, but she was a STAR. Beyoncé's new haircut is still trending on media sites and blogs, but this woman is being put on the back burner. I really can't fathom this indecency. I wish the media would give this woman her light, the light that she so much deserved during her short life. I'm sure the family doesn't care about media coverage as they are grieving the loss of such a gem, but I am here to fight and I'm here to say that I loved her and all that she has done for me.

My thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends. She will be missed and I only hope that I do my part in making sure her legacy and life are not forgotten. In honor of her, I will continue to work on myself as she inspired me to. I won't stop until confidence beams from me as it did from her, even in her final weeks. I know this post won't bring her back, nor bring lasting comfort to her family but I just hope to be a voice of love. Rest in peace, Joanne, you're light always shines even in the darkest hour.

October 8, 2014

Hollywood Divas Episode 1 Review

Now if you know me, you know I still have this homework stacked up to the roof. Still, I just had to watch the new TV One reality show Hollywood Divas. First, initial reaction is woah, woah, woahhh! It's definitely a different experience watching Hollywood Divas versus watching R&B Divas, but I'm going to get to that a little bit. To be quite honest, I'm not sure if I'm going to stick around for the whole season. The first episode of course gave us an introduction to the cast members. I'll try to keep it short but there's a lot to be said about this episode!

So, let me start out with a basic cast description (SKIP this if you already know who's on the show):

Paula Jai Parker is the one with the project. On all these TV One reality shows, someone has the big project to get the has-beens working again. The episode as well as the previews started out with her saying that 'Hollywood is a fickle business for a black woman'. Which I believe is true especially if you're not bumping elbows with Lee Daniels, Oprah, and/or Tyler Perry.

Elise Neal is 48 and fit hunny! She came out the gate with her confidence through the roof. In addition to acting she also does dance and is a singer. She says that the Pussycat Dolls are a direct rip-off of her own dance troupe.  She appears to be Paula's closest friend.

Countess Vaughn is probably the youngest out of the group. After two kids, one divorce, and no new acting jobs her storyline basically revolves around her physical appearance. She goes to a plastic surgeon with former Moesha cast member Shar Jackson to talk about getting liposuction, a tummy tuck, some facial stuff, and a 'g-shot'.

Golden Brooks is probably the one with the most not-too-dead career next to Elise. She's been in plays and movies for the past couple years and still has an agent. She reveals that she took some time off after Girlfriends to raise her daughter Dakota.

Lisa Wu was the last cast member introduced, probably because she's the most surprising. She was a member on Housewives of Atlanta a few years ago, and is now in pursuit of an acting career. She leaves her children behind to go to L.A. to help Paula out with her movie project.

Ok, now that all that's out the way, let's jump into this episode. First we get the premise of Ms. Paula Jai. She reveals to her friend, Elise Neal, that she's been homeless for some time and things have been difficult for her and her husband. She felt as if she was black balled because of her relationship with a director. First of all, the definition of 'friend' has to be different in Hollywood. Paula and Elise said they hadn't talked to each other in about 8 years, which is a long time to not even send someone a Facebook message. She said she thought she had been black balled because of her relationship with her now husband Forrest (not Whitaker). I felt bad for Paula Jai because the roles she's played have been awesome. She's very talented, very funny, and her voice is so unique. After seemingly having a bonding moment with Elise, here comes my issue.

After each scene, one of the cast members in that scene would comment on it as on all reality shows. But on this show, it seems super catty, messy, and FAKE. Which is why I was kind of reluctant to watch the show, because I feel as though anything with actors/actresses is just that an act. With R&B Divas they sing, acting isn't their true strong point (although some of them do it well), so it still feels believable and realistic. Even though these women on Hollywood Divas are battling real issues with jobs, money, relationships, etc. it just doesn't seem realistic. I think the commentary scenes are used to instigate drama. From the actual scenes, it seems as if they were lovey dovey, happy, and supportive but when they made their commentary they seemed bitter and almost like they don't even like each other.

The real problem came at the end, when Lisa Wu joined the ladies. Golden and Elise were surprised and not in a good way. They were offended that a reality star would join the likes of them, because reality stars are not real actresses. Golden talked about her Master's degree and Elise talked about her veteran title. I can definitely see why they're offended, because after all their hard work over the years some of these reality show stars that can't act, are getting these starring roles just because they have a large following. But also, as an actress the ladies should know that Hollywood is a business! Of course they're going to hire whoever can bring the bigger audience and make them a bigger profit. I don't watch the Housewives of Atlanta, so I don't know Lisa Wu but she seems like a really sweet woman, so far I like her more than Golden and Elise. Elise seems very cocky for someone who isn't working. Oh, but I guess that's her choice as she kept reiterating.

At the very end, there were some clips from the upcoming season, and it does seem interesting enough but I don't think I'll be pressed to watch it every Wednesday. I'd like to see what happens with Countess, Paula, and Lisa but I'm iffy about Golden and Elise. They just seem conceited and catty. As for Countess, I think she has some true issues with her self esteem. Getting (or wasting money on) countless surgeries won't solve them, so I really hope she gets to the bottom of it because she'll never be happy if she doesn't. I do want to see exactly what a G-Shot is though! Lol. Lisa seems interesting because I respect her for trying to get out and work, instead of having a sense of entitlement. But then again, also with Hollywood being so unsteady of black actors, why even try to jump on a sinking ship? I'm rooting for Paula, because I think she deserves better. Maybe she should try to link up with the Wayans again? But even their ship is on a steady decline.

All in all, I'm on the fence about this show. I won't do a review for every episode but will probably catch the reunion show and review it!

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October 2, 2014

R&B Divas LA: Reunion Review [Part 2]

In case you missed my part one review, click here!
PART TWO of the reunion aired tonight. I truly wasn't sure what to expect. In my opinion, it seems as if mostly everything that happened this season was addressed in part one, excluding the Puerto Rico song, which is what they delved into first. This second part of the reunion leaves me more puzzled than the first one. It was very awkward, and less organized than the first one. I don't even think it was necessary to have a part two of the reunion, it seemed pointless, anyway enough of my opinion, here are the facts.

Wendy starts out by discussing the Puerto Rico project, which is the main reason why the girls were together this season, in case you forgot amidst all the extra stuff. I'm glad in this part that Wendy called Chrisette, Mo, and Leela out on their shady-ness. Even IF Chante' is wrong, they aren't 100% right. The most annoying thing about this episode, was the fact that the Chante' versus Chrisette, Mo, and Leela was just constantly brought up. I was EXHAUSTED at the end and still we didn't get much from Chante' because they kept interrupting her. I commend Chante' for smiling through it all, never appearing bitter despite all the attacking. I honestly STILL don't see why the girls are so upset with her. As I said in my post about the first episode, it's confusing because I think most of the upsetting and offensive stuff happened behind the cameras. Yes, there were some shady moments on camera, but I just don't feel like it was enough for this much anger. Anyway...

Next, Chante' brought out a huge pink stuffed animal elephant and put it out on the set. She said something about Chrisette saying 'that there are different pink elephants inside of her, hurting her and she wanted to bring the elephant out so that she put everything on the table' (I'm paraphrasing here). I thought that was weird to say the least, but it was a good comedic relief from all the bashing. Thank God for Claudette speaking up about 20 minutes into the reunion and calling for peace because I was over it, too.

Wendy did say that she doesn't understand why there's tension between them still and I agree. She then asked Michel'le, Mo, and Chrisette what could be done to squash the beef, but when she got to Chrisette, she specifically asked about her relationship with Chante' which Chrisette didn't want to answer. I'm glad she didn't go back to that same argument, I was over it when it started.

Then the tension between Chrisette and Claudette was addressed. Chrisette gives her account of the last dinner going awry because Claudette disrespected her. Claudette said she felt that Chrisette was acting strange and that made her feel some kind of way, which is why she raised her voice. Claudette also emphasized that she's 'not weak'. Maybe she felt as if Chrisette was taking advantage of her in some way? She didn't say that, but that's just an educated guess. She did say that she spoke to her 'condescendingly', which means she talked down to her and made her feel inferior, which is interesting. In this second reunion, Chrisette does seem to display lots of diva behavior. Chrisette didn't even look at Claudette after she said she was over the drama between them, so I don't think the drama is really over.

The last part of the show, Wendy asked the girls if they'd work together. The ladies thought she meant as in a musical project and 1 (Michel'le) out of 6 said yes. Then Wendy clarified that she meant work together as in on another season, and all of the girls said yes. Turns out, the Puerto Rico song has not been released at all because all the girls haven't signed off on it to be released. From what I heard, the song sounds really pretty, I hope it does get released!

All in all, the second part of the reunion was a headache. 90% of the episode was about Chrisette and Chante's tension. I didn't like this reunion episode, the first one was much better because they actually talked about the season in detail and got everyone's input. I felt as if Michel'le and Claudette were mostly cast aside, which isn't fair. I will say that I saw a different Chrisette in this reunion. In my first review about the first part I said I really liked Chrisette, but now I'm on the fence. Her little stereotypical diva antics were annoying. I'm not sure which one is the real Chrisette. I thought she was different because that's how she is, but is she different to be herself or is she different to make herself seem superior? Hmm. But as Maya Angelou said, when someone shows you their true colors, believe them! I still like her, but I'm cautious. I'm still looking forward to season 3 and I hope the group dynamics improve. Now about Hollywood Divas...