October 23, 2014

Hollywood Divas Episode 3 Review

I know I previously told you guys I wouldn't tune into the show regularly (click the link at the bottom of this post for my episode 1 review) . I didn't care to watch the second episode and since there was nothing else on TV I tuned in to the third one that premiered tonight (10/22/14). Keep in mind, I'm not talking about these scenes in the true order in which they occurred, just as I see fit.

Ok, first of all, this episode made me fall even more in love with Lisa and Countess. As I said in my review of the first episode, Lisa and Countess were my faves from the start. Countess is so darn funny and cute. Lisa is super sweet and I just love her personality. They both met up at a kickboxing class and ended up talking about Golden, basically trying to run things. To be honest, I understand what Golden meant when she told Countess to work on her soul before getting liposuction. Beauty and confidence starts from within and many celebrities mess themselves up because they get all this cosmetic stuff done and think it's going to solve the problem. I think she thinks that if she gets down in weight things will be easier, but it's not going to be if she doesn't already see her beauty. Anyway, from the looks of the clips for upcoming episodes, she had it done anyway, so I'm wasting my words here. Lisa released her frustrations about Golden at the gym and advised Countess to do the same, which was hilarious!

Next, my least favorites Golden and Elise met up for a "dance recital/audition". Elise told Golden that she needed another dancer for her dance troupe and Golden told her she would show her that she'd be a good replacement. Chile, Golden looked a mess doing whatever that was that she did. It wasn't particularly bad dancing (and I say that with a box of salt), but it was boring and not captivating at all. It wasn't even sexy, which is what Elise's dance troupe is about, because her face was stone hard the entire time. I am SO getting tired of her talking about her degree from Sarah Lawrence! They must've paid her to be a spokesperson or something. Elise was genuinely surprised, probably because she knows that Golden thinks she's the queen of everything.

Further into the show, Paula Jai brings her mom to her new rent-to-own house. Her mom seems very salty about the whole situation. As they walk through the house her mom constantly tells her how disappointed she is that Paula has turned out the way she has turned out. She is also disappointed with her marriage to Forrest Gump (but even Gump had several jobs!). Her mom also keeps repeating that she made so many sacrifices for daughter to make sure she was successful. This scene bothered me for several reasons. First, it really, really hurts when a parent says they're disappointed in you. Not just you, but your whole life! Even the mere look of disappointment in my mother's eyes sent me crying. I was hurt even hearing her mom say those things to her. It doesn't seem like they have a very good relationship, and I think her marriage to Forrest is the culprit. Her mother is right about a couple things thing: WHY isn't Forrest working? Paula seems like a battered woman, because every time her mom mentioned her husband's faults, Paula found a way to make it her own fault. She said he's not working because she told him to work with her instead of getting a real job. Here's the kicker: She even says that her husband signed up to marry a rich woman and she feels bad because she's not rich. Say what now? That man should not have married you for money honey. What about love? What about companionship? What about family?  Paula has some serious man issues, and I think she needs some counseling.

I cannot stand it when people say "I'm an artist". Usually they use this phrase to justify some outlandish idea or to make themselves feel better about some fuckery they've contrived. The second thing that her mom is right about: After Paula keeps saying she's an artist her mom comes back with the best line ever: "What good is the art if you're starving?". I'm all about art and artists but sometimes (especially if you don't even have a roof over your head AND you have a baby to care for) the art has to be put on the back burner. I also notice that Paula is very dependent on Forrest. She can't even do a gig without him, which might be why she can't get roles! It's ok to be in love and married but being self-sufficient is important too. Most happily married couples work in separate places, and it doesn't kill them, why can't Paula work alone? Like I said, she has some deep rooted man issues that need to be worked out. This almost reminds me of KeKe Wyatt in the first season of R&B Divas, when she couldn't do anything without her husband Michael, and said she was "nothing without him". Quite sad...

In another scene, Golden gets some bad news about a role she auditioned for...*drumroll* She didn't get the part because the directors wanted to hire another type of minority (Latina/Hispanic). She freaks out on her little Asian friend, throws a tantrum, and runs away. I can understand her frustration but she was being very melodramatic. One way that shows claim diversity is by putting Asians (Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, etc.) and Hispanic (Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Mexican, etc.) in their projects. But those ethnicities do need representation. There are lots of Hispanics and Asians in America, and they want to be on TV as well to represent their race and to represent America. In Hollywood, there are only so many major roles and of course most of them are going to white actors/actresses. It's sad, which is why everyone needs to have a strong fall back game. With all of her degrees, maybe she should teach or find something with stability...All tea, all shade maybe she should start a makeup line with Sammy Sosa.

Finally, towards the end of the show, Paula and Elise attempt to squash their issues with one another, since Elise missed the first meeting to pitch ideas, but it only makes things worse. I have to side with Elise on this one. It seems to me that Paula was sloppy with her career, especially during and after the production of Hustle and Flow. I really believe that Elise was trying to help help her but..That's when she met Forrest, and things just started going downhill. Sometimes the things that are blocking your blessings come in the form of a man...Just saying...

Sidenote: Does anyone else think that Paula Jai looks more Asian than Lisa Wu?! And how are their cell phone speaker calls so damn clear? People always tell me I sound like I'm in a tunnel when I'm on mine...But oh well...

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  1. I can't with that show and last night was my last night wasting an hour of my time on.that.mess! Seriously, seems like a big ol' bunch of bad acting and I now understand why they are ALL (yes, you too Elise!) has-beens. I don't see a season two in store unless they plan on getting real ig'nant, i.e. cat fighting real soon...

  2. I think the show is a good concept but the constant bickering, the attitudes, the fakeness are annoying. I do think they all have real issues that the people like watching but it's just overkill. I hope they don't start physically cat fighting, I HATE that!