October 2, 2014

R&B Divas LA: Reunion Review [Part 2]

In case you missed my part one review, click here!
PART TWO of the reunion aired tonight. I truly wasn't sure what to expect. In my opinion, it seems as if mostly everything that happened this season was addressed in part one, excluding the Puerto Rico song, which is what they delved into first. This second part of the reunion leaves me more puzzled than the first one. It was very awkward, and less organized than the first one. I don't even think it was necessary to have a part two of the reunion, it seemed pointless, anyway enough of my opinion, here are the facts.

Wendy starts out by discussing the Puerto Rico project, which is the main reason why the girls were together this season, in case you forgot amidst all the extra stuff. I'm glad in this part that Wendy called Chrisette, Mo, and Leela out on their shady-ness. Even IF Chante' is wrong, they aren't 100% right. The most annoying thing about this episode, was the fact that the Chante' versus Chrisette, Mo, and Leela was just constantly brought up. I was EXHAUSTED at the end and still we didn't get much from Chante' because they kept interrupting her. I commend Chante' for smiling through it all, never appearing bitter despite all the attacking. I honestly STILL don't see why the girls are so upset with her. As I said in my post about the first episode, it's confusing because I think most of the upsetting and offensive stuff happened behind the cameras. Yes, there were some shady moments on camera, but I just don't feel like it was enough for this much anger. Anyway...

Next, Chante' brought out a huge pink stuffed animal elephant and put it out on the set. She said something about Chrisette saying 'that there are different pink elephants inside of her, hurting her and she wanted to bring the elephant out so that she put everything on the table' (I'm paraphrasing here). I thought that was weird to say the least, but it was a good comedic relief from all the bashing. Thank God for Claudette speaking up about 20 minutes into the reunion and calling for peace because I was over it, too.

Wendy did say that she doesn't understand why there's tension between them still and I agree. She then asked Michel'le, Mo, and Chrisette what could be done to squash the beef, but when she got to Chrisette, she specifically asked about her relationship with Chante' which Chrisette didn't want to answer. I'm glad she didn't go back to that same argument, I was over it when it started.

Then the tension between Chrisette and Claudette was addressed. Chrisette gives her account of the last dinner going awry because Claudette disrespected her. Claudette said she felt that Chrisette was acting strange and that made her feel some kind of way, which is why she raised her voice. Claudette also emphasized that she's 'not weak'. Maybe she felt as if Chrisette was taking advantage of her in some way? She didn't say that, but that's just an educated guess. She did say that she spoke to her 'condescendingly', which means she talked down to her and made her feel inferior, which is interesting. In this second reunion, Chrisette does seem to display lots of diva behavior. Chrisette didn't even look at Claudette after she said she was over the drama between them, so I don't think the drama is really over.

The last part of the show, Wendy asked the girls if they'd work together. The ladies thought she meant as in a musical project and 1 (Michel'le) out of 6 said yes. Then Wendy clarified that she meant work together as in on another season, and all of the girls said yes. Turns out, the Puerto Rico song has not been released at all because all the girls haven't signed off on it to be released. From what I heard, the song sounds really pretty, I hope it does get released!

All in all, the second part of the reunion was a headache. 90% of the episode was about Chrisette and Chante's tension. I didn't like this reunion episode, the first one was much better because they actually talked about the season in detail and got everyone's input. I felt as if Michel'le and Claudette were mostly cast aside, which isn't fair. I will say that I saw a different Chrisette in this reunion. In my first review about the first part I said I really liked Chrisette, but now I'm on the fence. Her little stereotypical diva antics were annoying. I'm not sure which one is the real Chrisette. I thought she was different because that's how she is, but is she different to be herself or is she different to make herself seem superior? Hmm. But as Maya Angelou said, when someone shows you their true colors, believe them! I still like her, but I'm cautious. I'm still looking forward to season 3 and I hope the group dynamics improve. Now about Hollywood Divas...


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