October 30, 2014

Why Did Kanye Marry Kim Kardashian? [A theory]

I was going through my old blog posts and stumbled across this blog that I wrote when I was the uber Kanye West fan. Although I have severed my ties with him since he's went total left field, there are some strands still there. I am hoping to one day be a Kanye fan again, it was fun, it was bold, it was a uninhibited. I think I've changed and grown up, so I don't really believe my fanship will ever be the same. Now on to the burning question...

As I stated previously, I ran across this old blog post and it was a review/commentary on Kanye's short film "Runaway". After I read it and thought about it, I had an epiphany. Before you continue to read this post, please read my post from 2011 about the "Runaway" film, click here!

So if you've read my review/commentary on the short film, (which I just know you have!) you may already know what I'm trying to say here. Or maybe not.

One of the main themes of the "Runaway" film was about how people in Hollywood (and in general) don't accept differences. When the bird woman (portrayed by Selita Ebanks) was at the dinner table with all the rich and pristine people (who Kanye calls the 'douche bags'), they stared at her, laughed at her, and wouldn't dare accept her because she was just too strange. Eventually, this leads to the bird flying back home, because she doesn't like it here. Kanye even sings to her "...runaway as fast as you can." He liked the bird woman and seemed to fall in love with her, but his lifestyle as a celebrity would eventually run her away. Pusha T raps about the same concept when he says (I'm paraphrasing) that nothing in Hollywood is free. The material things aren't free and the cons that go with being a celebrity is a hefty price to pay.

Fast forward to present day, we have one of Hollywood's most famous couple Kimye. I admit, I was quite shocked when I found out Kanye had made such a leap. True, he had Amber Rose but in my opinion that seemed more genuine than Kanye and Kim. When I found out they were dating, that's when I walked out of the front door with my suitcase and sweet memories, never looking back again. But I think I have discovered why Kanye and Kim are an item.

Kanye all but said in his Runaway film that to find a woman he truly loves is difficult if not impossible while being a celebrity. He likes different, he wants different, he wants someone from out of his world, but just like in the film, it never works out. Enter Kim, she's been in the limelight for years, she knows how to look, how to act, how to blend and even how to be like the douchebags he toasts to in the film. I don't think it was a marriage of love but one of convenience because she fits in. I think Kanye realized that he's never going to have his ideal woman while being a celebrity, so he switched up his thinking. He figures that things will be so much easier if he just marries not only a celebrity, but one of the most famous of our time (unfortunately...). It was also a power move, they can both boost each other up financially. It's obvious, as a couple they are more powerful than they were separately.

It's like high school if you think about it. Say a famous jock likes this girl who's funny, smart, and likes sports just as much as he does. But she's not in his circle, she's not around the people he's around all the time. Sure he could date her, show the guys that he doesn't care what they think but what about her? After the football victories, dining with the team, the jocks, their cheerleader girlfriends, how would she feel? She'd feel out of place, awkward, and uncomfortable. She'd wonder what the guys say about her since their girlfriends are the right 'type' and she's just average. She'll second guess everything and wonder if she belongs and then the strain will becom too much...Heart breaks...The end. I believe Kanye knows and understands that Hollywood works precisely this way.

It's tough it seems to be a celebrity...But is it worse than being average? In the end, I don't even know what Kanye is thinking, I'm not psychic this is just my theory. I truly hope that it lasts for the baby's sake. Carry on.


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