November 20, 2014

4 Things Single Ladies Notice First About a Man

I've been making a lot of lists lately so this post is fitting. I'm writing this because as a single lady, I notice myself noticing things about guys within the first minute. I'm not actively looking for a partner or anything, I think I'm just more aware of the opposite sex than I once was and also I'm 23 so my biological clock is ticking ya'll!

1. His ring finger!

When I see/meet a nice, attractive or interesting looking fellow I immediately look at his ring finger. Almost subconsciously. You can tell a lot about a man if you check out his ring finger. If he has on a ring it's simple: he's married, he's happy, he's not game territory. When some girls see a ring they feel the need to attract him or figure out if he's really happy enough with his marriage. I don't know, as soon as I see a ring on a man's finger I don't think beyond that, he's married and even if he isn't happy that's not my issue to sort through, call Dr. Phil or even Maury. When a man doesn't have on a ring, there's a lot that could be going on: 1.) He's taken just not married 2.) He's divorced 3.) He's gay 4.) He's in the type of relationship where they've been together ten years and he hasn't proposed (a common law type thing). In my state gay marriage is not legal but even still I'm sure some gay couples wear rings to symbolize their love and commitment. And gay couples can get married elsewhere, so if he doesn't wear a ring that doesn't really mean he's gay but he still could be. There's this guy that I am so infatuated with and he is ring-less and I have yet to figure out why, he's one of the most amazing men I've ever met. My guess is that he is in a relationship, how could someone like him not be?! Probably one of those long term ones...

2. How he treats you and other people.

One of the things that made me even more infatuated with the guy I'm infatuated with is how he interacts with other people. Even though I don't know him personally, he is genuinely a kind-hearted person. I saw him talking with this guy who most people would consider crazy. He treated the man with such kindness and was very patient, which of course made my heart flutter. His nature is just calm and he doesn't change from person to person, always consistently sweet. 

3. His eyes.

The eyes are called 'the gateway to the soul'... Or something like that. Single ladies notice the eyes more than any other physical feature. If you can captivate us with a stare, you might get the digits (do people still say 'digits'?). People think that only 'pretty eyes' are attractive but that's not so. The general consensus is that pretty eyes are the ones that are colorful and unique but even dark brown eyes are captivating. Eyes just have a way about being honest, even if the person doesn't intend it to be that way. It's the way you look at someone that can say a whole lot.

4. His career.

Now this is something you might not learn about in the first 60 seconds of meeting a guy unless he's in some type of uniform. I am an absolute sucker for a man in uniform (Firemen and soldiers yasssss)! It's nothing like an employed man with enough responsibility to wear his uniform with the utmost pride. A uniform just signifies that he has things in order, he's responsible, reliable, and has integrity --- Even if he's none of those things, first perceptions are everything. A person's career (uniform or not) says a great deal about them. If a guy is a teacher at an inner city school, that says something positive about him. You might think that he's compassionate, patient, and dedicated. His job can also reveal things you have in common, such as if you work in the same industry.

I know not all single ladies notice these things first, I cannot account for them.  Now about this guy I'm infatuated with that I mentioned a couple times, he's just eye candy nothing more, I promise. Do I wish it were more? To be quite honest, he's out of my league. I don't really believe in 'leagues' but this guy is out of my league for some very plausible reasons that I won't mention. Au Revoir. 


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