November 13, 2014

Hollywood Divas Episode 5 Review

Let me just start by saying this episode was probably my favorite out of the ones that I've watched. As I stated in my first review of the show (see the end of this post for the links to previous reviews) I don't feel pressed to watch every episode, but I am glad I caught this one. In this episode, the main points have boiled over and what everyone has been thinking has been spoken with the divas. And even though Golden is probably my least favorite of the divas, she shined through in this episode and I definitely give her all the due credit! Let's start from the jump...

The first thing that came up was a picture that Elise posted on Instagram with Golden. The picture had a caption that implied that Golden is Elise's favorite out of all the girls. Lisa showed Countess and Paula Jai the picture and they felt slighted. Lisa especially pointed out that such a thing creates division, which she believes is the last thing they need when working on a huge group project. I agree with Lisa...In a way. I think it all depends on how you're used to working. Some people go to work and expect everyone to be friends and love each other equally, while others keep work and friends separate. I'm not sure if Golden and Elise were friends prior to the show, from the first episode it didn't seem like it. Elise and Paula Jai seemed to be the only close ones. Either way, I don't think they should have felt so slighted. Elise nor Golden have authority over anything, so it's not like their favoritism will affect the project.

So, next the girls get into an argument and Golden says that everyone has thrown her under the bus, even Lisa. Chile if that ain't the biggest constructed lie I've ever heard. It's on camera how she was being shady towards Lisa the first time they met. I just don't understand how Golden can hate Lisa, she is so sweet and she tries really hard to get along with all of them. Countess (my other fave) sat there and didn't say anything during the argument, nor did she take sides. That's why she is amazing, she sat there like a grown woman and let the others hash it out. Now while I respect that, reality TV doesn't like maturity. I'm sort of afraid that if Countess keeps her mature attitude she won't be asked back next season. I LOVE her and when she does speak, she reveals that even though she is the youngest out of the group she is the most intelligent.

Golden says that "[Lisa's]...Booty shots are getting to her brain", which was rude. It's amazing to me that Golden says that Lisa keeps playing the victim, but in reality she's always playing the victim. In Golden's world, Golden is perfect and everyone else has the problem. She wants everyone to listen to her opinion because she's always right and once you disagree with her or stand up to her, she doesn't like you. Elise is my second least favorite, but I think she's honest and the most leveled. After the drama with the picture, Lisa and Elise go out to lunch. Elise told Lisa about what Golden said about her booty being fake, which was straight messy. If she wouldn't have told her what Golden said, she would not have known. Hell, Elise was laughing and agreeing with Golden which makes her just as guilty in my opinion. Anywho...

I am still having a problem with Paula's cut-a-ways (when they show a clip of her opinion/comments on the scene) because they sound scripted! I guess Forrest told her what to say there, too.

Paula Jai and Forrest's professionalism was the big topic on hand in this episode. After getting several writers to write the script, the girls agree that Forrest wrote it best. The girls ask Paula Jai for his email address so that they can discuss script changes. Turns out, Paula Jai and Forrest have the same email address. Professional and business life should be separate, especially if you're trying to make name for yourself. The people that you deal with should have a sense of confidentiality. Second, Paula is the director and it appears that she's very flaky with the girls. She says she has another job that requires her time, so she can't always be around. Paula Jai enlists Forrest to be the Assistant Director, which is like the second person in line to the director.

I don't believe Forrest has a lot of experience with the movie industry or any industry for that matter. He seems a little slow...with everything...which is why I was surprised that his script was good. He just doesn't seem like the brightest bulb. Prime example: Paula has food and champagne on the table when Forrest gets home (where was he coming from? Not a damn job). After popping a bottle of champagne, she says she has a surprise for Forrest and he says "Are you pregnant?". Um, sir, if she was pregnant I don't think she'd be drinking champagne, but I don't know Paula's life, she had to be drunk to name her son Onederful. I just can't even fathom such a decision...*sigh*

Golden even suggests that they fire Paula Jai. I think this is a slight bit extreme. I understand Paula is like the boss since she is the director and she needs to be there, but she does need time to invest in other things as well. From the previous episodes, Paula came to every meeting and one meeting, she should be fired? I think the issue is not truly that she's unreliable, but the fact that they just aren't professional. I think Paula should not have enlisted Forrest to be the Assistant Director because he doesn't have the experience or even the business like mind to run the group in Paula's absence. It's really sad that Paula can't do anything without Forrest. I understand they're a team but the fact that they aren't professional, will only hinder their efforts to succeed in Hollywood. The girls call Forrest during a rehearsal because he should be there in Paula's absence, and he did not know what to say. Most of what he said was a bunch of mumbling. I wanted to scream USE YOUR WORDS, ARTICULATE FORREST *in my Sheneneh Jenkins voice*.

The shit really hit the fan at the end when Paula accused Golden of wanting Forrest and flirting with him. As I said at the beginning, Golden really shined through tonight. Golden is so opinionated and she thinks that everyone wants her opinion all the time, which is my issue with her. But during this episode she really spoke the truth about Paula. Paula is so insecure with herself, which is why she can't deal without Forrest. Like I said in my other reviews, she has some deep seeded issues. The camera seemed to highlight a few moments where Golden was touchy feely with Forrest. I don't know, but I think that was an act. It just seemed contrived and unnatural. If it were real, it wasn't even really flirty. Golden did not seem interested in him in that way, and if Paula were secure in her marriage then she should not have let that bother her. I think in this scene, Golden revealed her true self. She said "I don't like that fool" chile she got urban, which was funny but more realistic than I've ever seen her act. She first said "I don't want your man, that's laughable...First of all, I like men who have jobs". I literally screamed! I mean we were all thinking it. I believe Paula is very delusional and it's almost sad to watch. She has no sense of self, and even in a marriage a sense of who you are is important.

This was a pretty good episode, the only thing that I didn't really like about this episode was the catty-ness. There was a lot of arguing, which is a make or break thing for me. It wasn't over the top, but it was getting to that point. All in all, this was a good episode and I'm glad Golden spoke those truths.

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