December 24, 2014

Breaking A Life Story (Part IV)

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Part IV --

After a 2 hour drive, there I was in Atlanta. I was anxious but I was more nervous than anything. I arrived at the hotel at about 8:30 AM and couldn't wait until the light turned to dark.

I loved hotels, they're always so much more cozy than your own room, at least in my opinion. After checking in and going up to my room, I trekked downstairs for the free breakfast. Free food is everyone's weakness isn't it?

The breakfast smorgasbord was radiant as was the dining area. There were bread baskets full of bagels, baguettes, croissants, and biscuits. Next to them were beautiful fruit tray arrangements. Then there were cereals, coffee, juices, and pastries, I was in heaven! I The tables were dark cherry oak, and the chairs were elegantly upholstered with an ivory silk fabric. I almost felt under dressed but then again at $199 per night, the grandeur was much appreciated. I went over to the serving table and began my raid. There weren't that many people around, so I felt comfortable to fill my plate with goodies. I sat at a small table against the wall, directly in front of the TV.

My family grew up watching TV at breakfast, there was a TV in our kitchen so we could eat together but still watch TV. I think that's mostly why it's been my dream to be a news anchor. I grew up watching the women on TV with their big curly permed hair, floral shoulder-padded dress, and red lipstick in admiration (the 90's, of course). They came into my home every morning, like a family member. I wanted to be that woman (minus the permed hair and shoulder pads) that everyone looked forward to seeing on their TV screen.

The TV was on some local news station, and the volume was loud enough for me to hear but not daunting. "Coming up next, sports with Chip Andrews right after a short break!" she said. I turned away from the TV and sent a text to Jazz telling her that I had made it to Atlanta safely. I started to eat and the food was divine. The fruit were fresh, the biscuits were buttery and still warm, and the cranberry juice had the perfectly complicated blend of sweetness and tartness. I wondered if they served free dinner, too? After I finished my breakfast, I headed back to the hotel for a nap and some TV, I didn't feel like doing much else, I was much too anxious.

Funny thing about mirrors, they never reflect what you want them to. Maybe it's not the mirror's fault, after all it's only a reflection of perception. I stood there in mirror and I didn't think I looked as captivating as I need to. My curly hair was nice and defined and for once not frizzy, so it wasn't a complete bust. Bryan was a basketball star, he saw beautiful, exotic looking women with $500 hair weave perfection, my curls would never compare. I didn't have time to go shopping since I lounged around until 8 PM, most of the shops that catered to my size were probably closed.

I shut my eyes and said a prayer. God please grant me this opportunity. I know I ask for a lot and I know my life is dictated by your will, and I am so thankful for what you have placed in my life thus far, even if this isn't in the cards, thank you. Amen. I opened my eyes and smiled, I felt at peace, I even seemed to look better. I made my way out the door with my phone, keys, and clutch in hand, feeling more confident by the minute.

Atlanta was a beautiful city, driving down Marietta St., I saw a city I had only seen on TV. It was obvious that the night life in Atlanta was bustling. I saw crowds of people walking down the sidewalk dressed in club attire. According to them, I was under dressed. I arrived at the club 10 minutes after leaving my hotel, which was not too far from the club. Not to my surprise, the line to get in the club wrapped around the building. As I drove by the line I saw some of the shortest, most revealing attire I'd ever seen in real life. I felt old and frumpy compared to the girls that I saw. I got out of my car with all of my supplies in hand, and headed to the end of the line. Heels never really bothered me, until I had to wait in line for over 2 hours. I didn't know anyone but everyone else in line seemed to. The group in front of me were a lively group of guys. They smiled and joked the whole time, while I felt and looked nervous. I began to grow intimidated.

"Girl what are you worried about? It's a Saturday night and the night is young sweetie!"
I smiled, he had a unique voice, "Well I am kind of nervous. I'm not from here and I'm only here for one thing."
"We're all here for one thing, to get some di--"
"No..No that's not what I meant. I'm a reporter from Birmingham and I'm here to meet Bryan!" I was surprised that this guy was so...Open.
"Birmingham?! Bay-bay what are you doing in these parts? Atlanta is not a place for someone like you. This is for the professionals." His three friends roared with laughter..
"I suppose so, but I need this. My job, my life is dependent upon this. It's the only lead I have."
"First of all, you're going to have to lose that pitiful attitude. You don't need anything in life except food, air, and water, everything else is a luxury."
"Preach!" said one of his friends.
"This isn't the only lead you have, it's the only one you know. Your life doesn't depend on anything except that blood running through your veins. If I have learned one thing in this life is that you gotta have confidence to get what you want. Whether it be a job, a man, a car, a house, anything. I can't tell you the many times I've walked in to the Honda dealership with a 320 point credit score, three delinquent credit cards, and two repossessions and acted like I had the credit score of Bill Gates. Did I get a car? Not immediately, but I did..."

"...With a $750 a month car note!" Chimed in one of the other guys.

"Hush puppy...See, it's supply and demand. What I have is not too common, and truth be told it's in demand and selling like Jordan's on a Saturday. Once you have confidence everything else falls into place."

I had never had such a powerful lecture, especially not outside of a club but he was right. I smiled "Thank you...I believe you're right."

"Yes honey, I am right. My name is Divan by the way. I'm the diva of this here sorry group." he said eyeing his friends. They retorted by rolling their eyes and snapping their fingers at him.
"I'm Christina...So nice to meet you..." I was genuinely glad I had met him, strange how the right people come into your life at the exactly right moment.

Before we could finish our conversation, the doorman said ten more people were allowed in, finally I was able to get inside and hopefully meet Bryan. My feet were literally killing me, I looked down and they were red and slightly swollen. I started walking on my tip toes to relieve the pressure. The place was absolutely packed and it was hard to see with the lack of lighting and the numerous bodies. I dashed for the bar when I saw some open seats. My screaming feet thanked me as I took a seat and looked around for any sign of Bryan. I was expecting maybe a huge crowd would be gathered around him. Once the bartender came to take my order I asked her about him. I had to scream over the pulsating music.

"He's gone...He left about 20 minutes ago...Would you like our drink of the night? Atomic Wine!" she said enthusiastically. I shook my head no, I was defeated.


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