December 4, 2014

Hollywood Divas Final Episode Review

Hey all, today was the final episode of the first season of Hollywood Divas. I really enjoyed this episode, it was a nice finish to a great season and revealed a lot about some of the ladies. If you've been reading my reviews, you'd know that I didn't have very much interest in the show from the start, but overtime I find myself anxiously flipping my TV to TVOne at 9 PM almost every Wednesday. I still haven't watched every episode, but I have tuned in to most of them. I will put the links to my other reviews at the bottom of this post! Now, let's get down to business...

This episode was a continuation of the last episode which dealt with the ladies actually getting down to the nitty gritty and finally recording the short film "The White Sistaz". All the ladies were on board, even Countess, who had full body liposuction only days prior to shooting the film.  Turns out, she ran into more complications than she had expected including infection and excessive oozing. Golden threw out the idea to cut Countess from production because she was not fully healed and was on heavy medication. Golden also convinced the other girls to side with her.

Countess kept saying before her surgery that she had done full lipo before and was back to work almost instantly. What she did not keep in mind is that she is older and her body has been through several changes since her last lipo which increases the chance of complications. When Countess arrived she could hardly walk and was visibly swollen. I was proud of her for pushing through and coming to film but she did not look well. But in the end she did her part (which was sexy hunny! And her makeup was on point) and saved the day. I could actually see Golden's point, but if Countess said she was fine and was medically cleared to work, why stop her? I liked the fact that Paula stood up for Countess, even though she's always been the questionable one to me, P.J. came through this time.

I think the "The White Sistaz" was a good idea, but where is it? The show was filmed months ago, and I have never heard of, nor have I seen the film. Perhaps they were keeping it under wraps until the show aired? Or maybe TVOne will have first dibs on it. Who knows. I, however, do not like the title. I don't like that it's stylized 'Sistaz'. I get that it's suppose to be ironic and maybe even misleading, but I don't really like it. I think if they wanted it to go mainstream, they should've just used 'sisters', but that's just me.

I'm not going to get into all the mess, because it's the same thing that's been going on the whole season, and it's really tiring to even type it up.Also, I still feel like a lot of the drama that happens on the show is an act. Did ya'll see the Visa promo with Elise and Golden? Smh. A part of the show that I believe is not an act is the drama between Claudia (Paula's mom), Paula, and Forrest (P's husband). So on this episode Paula brings her mom in to see what they've been working on. I feel kind of bad for Paula because she really wants her mom's approval, but her mom is not happy mainly because Forrest is not working and they have a baby to care for which is very understandable. Paula even said that her mom has always supported her dreams, she just doesn't support the fact that Forrest is now riding on her coattail. On the other hand, I don't truly feel sorry for Paula, because her mom is right. Forrest said that he believes anyone who tries to deter someone from their dream is the devil, but I completely disagree. Everyone has a dream, but a lot of us aren't in the position to fill that dream, and/or we have a lot of steps that we have to take in order to achieve that dream. Some people are blessed enough to be able to dive into their dream head first and make it work, even become rich! But we aren't all so lucky. Even when people do jump into their dream, they start from somewhere. Paula has made her start, but Forrest? No one knows him, and Paula's not that big of a heavyweight to vouch for him in a way that'll be effective. And it just seems to me that Forrest is an anchor for Paula. I believe people will trust her due to her repertoire, but the fact that she can't work without Forrest is a deal breaker and may even hinder her success. I don't want to see that happen to her, she is truly talented, but she has to wake up and smell the coffee!

I do want to get to the last 20 minutes or so of the episode, which was a great moment. All the girls came together on the beach for a celebratory gathering. Elise went off on Paula for not being professional and not communicating. Another thing I do like about Paula is that she is not the type to argue. When Elise got loud, she shut up and let her speak, and she's done that several times in the past, which is respectful. I like Elise a little more now than when the season first started. She is probably the most well known out of the group, and the most relevant one and the fact that she hung around for that low budget movie was admirable. She would always show up and was always there, which shows a lot about her work ethic. She's still not in my faves, but she's just okay in my book.

Elise brings up the communication issue with Paula, the fact that she didn't communicate with the staff nor with the cast members was unprofessional according to Elise. Paula says she has trouble communicating with men (and having relationships with men) because her father died when she was 3 and she never had a male figure in her life. Hold the presses, this explains A LOT. I can now finally see why Paula is having this issue with Forrest. Girls who don't grow up with a positive male figure in their life usually need lots of attention from men, whether it's negative or positive. I'm not saying all, but not having a positive male figure in a child's life is sometimes quite detrimental.

As the emotions continue to pour, Countess tells the girls about her problems with self-esteem, which Golden retorts with "We all have our stuff Countess!" and laments about the fact that her mother is very fair skinned while she is dark skinned. I made a quip about Golden's skin tone being similar to Sammy Sosa's (who famously bleached his skin to the Gawds) on one of my previous posts. If you look at Golden when she was on Girlfriends to now, and compare, there's an obvious difference. Even on tonight's episode there was a scene where she looked so much lighter it was scary. Finally, we get down to another root, Golden has been in a situation where she felt bad for being brown skinned. She said she didn't feel attractive because she wasn't light skinned, and that's something very relatable. I feel bad for making a joke about her skin tone, but now that I know that there's an underlying issue, I truly apologize. Golden kept telling Countess that she's beautiful and doesn't need to change, who's telling her the same? I hope someone is, because she is a beautiful brown skinned woman, the lightening is making her look gaunt. I really hope she sees the beauty in herself and her color, especially for her daughter's sake. Being dark skinned, there always seems to be a social issue amongst blacks in regards to skin color, which is extremely sad. I can truly say that I've never wanted to be light skinned, but at certain times in my life I envied people who were light skinned, because they were always seemed to be considered 'prettier'. I believe Golden really cares for Countess a lot, it's really obvious that she does. She said she sees a part of Countess in her, and I see it too.

The real tear jerker came at the end when Countess talked about her abortion. In a previous episode she talked about how she handled having an abortion on her own. By "on her own" I thought she meant she went to the abortion clinic by herself. Nope, Countess literally conducted her own abortion by taking various medications. I can tell she's truly in pain from the abortion, those tears cannot be faked.  At the end, I was in tears. She said she wanted to tell her story to be an inspiration to someone, and she has succeeded because she's inspired me. She's inspired me to push, to not give up even through the pain and tears. And even if you're self esteem is low your voice is high and worthy.

On a lighter note: I think Shar Jackson should be a cast member on Hollywood Divas. I'd really like to know how those play dates are going between her and Britney Spears' kids, which are her children's half brothers (via Kevin Federline). I really like whenever she makes a guest appearance on the show.

The reunion special (part one) is next Wednesday, December 11th, I'll be sure to tune in and maybe post a review. I don't understand why they really need two reunions! Anywho...That's the day of my last final exam, I might be out cold by 9PM! Until then check out my previous reviews AND my other posts! Thanks for reading! PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FELLOW DIVA FANS!! 

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