May 22, 2015

Things I Hate About Facebook

This list is no specific order, because sometimes all of these are extremely annoying simultaneously. I feel as though everything on Facebook is always an extreme of something. Also, this list will probably evolve over time, so keep checking back to see what I've added! If you have any to add, leave a comment!

1. Promiscuous (or formerly promiscuous) people heavily criticizing promiscuity

One of my Facebook friends constantly posts about 'thots' when she was once a 'thot' herself. For those who aren't hip to the lingo, a 'thot' is social media language for someone who is promiscuous, loves attention, and has very little depth (personality wise). When I knew this lady years ago, she was considered to be loose and slept around a lot and this was in high school. Today, she can be seen uploading cute pictures of her children and playing the role of doting wife and mother. I understand that people change, but blatantly being a hypocrite only makes you look horrible. Everyone knows this girl was very promiscuous in high school, it's not a secret which is why it's annoying. I see this all the time!

2. Baby/Kid picture overload

I get it, you've recently had a baby, you're excited to show off your beautiful offspring to the world! As I said at the beginning, everything on Facebook is an 'extreme' and this is a great example. Some of my Facebook friends only post pictures of their child(ren) for special occasions, which is lovely. Then you have those parents who not only take pictures of EVERY SINGLE FREAKING MOMENT THEIR CHILD IS AWAKE, but they also post these pictures. One girl uploaded at least 30 pictures of her son in one day. It wasn't even his birthday, which I could understand a little better. I feel some kind of way about parents who over-photograph their kids, but truthfully if you want to take a hundred pictures of our kids, by all means go ahead. Their future vanity and 'look at me' issues won't bother me one bit. But don't post all hundred of them on Facebook. Just because you take pictures of your kids doesn't mean you love them more than someone who doesn't. I just don't get why people have to document every single moment of their kid's life. When we were kids in the 90's, cameras only came out for special occasions. Now since cameras are so readily available they've lost that 'special feeling'. One of my Facebook friends had a baby  a year ago, and the first picture she ever posted of the baby was on her first birthday! I thought that was so cute and cool. If I ever become a mom, I will do the same. There is no reason to plaster your kids all over social media.

3. Making it known that you have a 'bae'

Again for those not hip to the lingo, a 'bae' is shorter term for the word 'baby' or 'babe'. It's used as a pet name for the person you consider yourself to be in a relationship with.

I just really hate it when girls/guys post these statuses:
"My baby is at work, I miss him/her so much. Can't wait til she/he gets home"
"My bae is home and I just cooked a really great meal for us to enjoy, I love my baby so much."
"Me and bae just finished dinner, now we're about to watch a movie. Our love is like a lifetime movie"
"There is trouble in the middle east, me and bae will pray for them all."
"Bae is knocked out, but I can't sleep, why would he leave me like this? But I'm his ride or die!"

*heavy sigh*

Who...CARES? But just a couple months ago you were hardly posting anything at all. No one needs to know you're in a relationship, except you and your partner!

4. Superiority Complex

This is one of my biggies. It's the "let me post something not typical to make people think I'm unique, therefore better than they are!". Valentine's Day is probably my least favorite day to be on Facebook. There's either people posting all the stuff they've gotten or people openly whining about not getting anything because their single or proclaiming "The Lord is my man!". Anyway, this year took the cake. While people did the usual postings, one of my Facebook friends said, "let me make myself appear above thou peers" so she posts a picture of a gun that she received for Valentine's Day. Her caption went something like this: "While everyone is posting that stupid stuff like flowers, cards, and candy, I got what I really wanted, a gun! You ladies need to do better". Say what? Just because you didn't get the usual doesn't mean what you received is better. I have never had a valentine in my 23 years of life, my parents always bought me sweet things, but I would never go around raining on people's parade because I didn't get flowers, cards, or candy. It's like EVERYTHING 'normal' is uncool on social media. If you post that you bought a 2016 BMW someone is going to post "people still buy BMWs?" or something like "I just bought myself a 6-speed bike, so much better than those gas guzzling, environment killing BMWs". It's just catty and messy, let people live!

5. Like My Status (LMS) Games

I thought we moved passed LMS games in 2012. Please stop.

6. Using it as a means of 'therapy'

Honestly, I didn't realize how many people need a therapist until I ventured over to Facebook in 2011. That doesn't mean that all people on Facebook are crazy, but I do believe that lots of people need an ear and since writing multiple statuses is an easy, free fix. You can garner sympathetic and inspirational comments from anyone of your many friends, which I suppose helps the situation. One of my Facebook friends experienced a sudden loss a little while ago and she was beyond devastated. It was a delicate situation and truly my heart goes out to her. As soon as the unforeseen incident occurred she took to her page, expressing her extreme grief, which was fine for a while. Then after a few hours it became a 'woe is me' type thing where she hinted at being suicidal, hating herself, being reckless, etc. Then I became annoyed. She literally posted at least 20 statuses per day. I just hoped someone would take her phone, toss it in the river, and transport her to the nearest therapist ASAP. She truly needed it. While there maybe some therapeutic feeling of posting things and getting things out, it's still not healthy. The reality is this: Most people on Facebook don't care about your well being. It's easy to type some long comment with the phrases 'I will pray for you', 'inbox me if you need anything', and 'time heals all'. It's social media, people are there to be entertained, so please take note that some people find entertainment in your darkest hour.


Although this one doesn't apply to just Facebook, it's huge pet peeve of mine. I hate seeing people on any social media site all day, posting statuses, liking every post that pops up within 30 seconds, and never taking a break. I could say a lot about this, but it's pretty much self explanatory. Get a real life. I don't have a real life but I'm not going to get caught up in the rapture of a fake world either.