June 27, 2015

Is College Hard? My DETAILED experience...

Hey there! It's the summer time and I know there are lots of folks headed off to college in the fall! This is for you. I remember asking anyone in college or anyone who had graduated from college the same question: Is it hard?! I'm sure you've heard that college is different, someone may have told you it's easier than high school, someone may have told you how stressful and painful it was/can be. I'm sharing my experience for those of you who are intimidated by college and for those of you who are already in it and feel like giving up. There's nothing wrong with feeling scared or unsure, I just hope my experience will persuade you to keep pushing. I'm serving up complete truth and the cold hard facts, so come take a seat and enjoy the dish. 

This blog post will be presented as a series! Every few days I will update this post, and share another piece of my story. I have posted all of the dates below! Keep checking back each week for valuable advice and information.

Part I: Pre-College: Getting In

For me, there was no question that I was going to college. Throughout high school I looked at several colleges across the country as if I had a real chance of going to an out of state college. I had the grades but I wasn't thinking about the financial woes. I didn't realize at the time that going out of state to college meant I'd have to leave home and be away for months on end and It would also put a huge strain on my parents. When I became a senior, I delayed the application process. I figured I was smart and could get into any college I wanted to. After going out of state went out of my mind there was only one school I wanted to attend: Louisiana State University. LSU is Louisiana's "Ivy League" and at the time it seemed to carry such a prestigious stigma. I applied to LSU in around January or February and was sure that I would get in, so sure that I didn't apply to any other school. A few months went by and I heard nothing. I called admissions and they said it was normal and to give it more time. I wasn't stressed, I was just waiting on that big packet to come in the mail with purple and gold plastered all over it saying WELCOME TO LSU! Unfortunately that packet never came. It's true what they say about the size of acceptance letters. Usually if you receive a non-standard size envelope, you're in. It was early May when my mom excitedly handed me the pristine white and yellow envelope from LSU. It was standard size, but I thought nothing of it. I was so ready to be an LSU Tiger! I ripped open the envelope and there it was, my rejection letter. It started with the usual "We regret to inform you..." and soon after reading that I was in tears. I was hurt but I was also embarrassed. I was always known as the smart girl around school, but I couldn't even get into LSU, how does that work? I've never been a cocky person, but being smart was my thing! Truthfully, being smart was the only thing I thought stood out about me.

I was very depressed about it and didn't even bother going through with an appeal. I had the GPA and the ACT score required for admittance. I had the second highest ACT score out of everyone in my graduating class. I didn't understand it, I felt so low and stupid. In around mid-May I applied to Southeastern Louisiana University and by June I was accepted. SELU was my second choice, mostly because a lot of the people I knew from high school would be there. Again, I was so anxious to apply and just get in, I didn't think about the fact that I'd have to move away. Financial woes again. By the time I was accepted, University housing was full and I couldn't afford an apartment. Moving away or even being a commuter would mean I'd have to give up my job and that was not an option. I was at a stand still, I didn't know what to do. I thought applying and getting into college was easy, but it's not which why it's best to start early and think REALISTICALLY.

By June, time was definitely running out. Most schools had already stopped accepting applications for the fall semester, I was doomed. One day I decided to Google "Colleges and Universities in Baton Rouge". I knew of LSU and Southern University, but I thought maybe there was something I missed. Turns out there was: Our Lady of the Lake College, a small, private Catholic college in Baton Rouge. I had never heard of it, but decided to browse the website. I found out that they had a Biology program, which was what I wanted to major in at the time, so I applied. From my research, I heard it was a very selective school, and since I didn't get into LSU I figured they would deny me, too. After a few weeks of nervous waiting the letter came. This time it was in a large envelope and the package was heavy. I ripped it open and there was my destiny...I was in!

It was around mid-July when I found out I would be going to OLOLC. School would be starting in less than a month and I had nothing prepared. As the months went by during this pre-college phase, my dream of going to college seemed to slip out of my hands and I couldn't grasp it. After being denied admission at LSU I think I was just hurt, intimidated, and lost my confidence as a student, which took years to rebuild. At this point I was scared, how hard was college and could I really make it through? Being admitted into a university usually means that the admissions group could see you succeeding at their school. I wondered what potential did OLOLC see in me that LSU didn't? My advice is to never take an admissions decision personal. That's SO much easier said than done, but I wish someone would've told me that back then. Even if you're accepted, don't put so much stock into it. Those people don't know you personally. They don't know you from Tommy Wong. They don't accept or deny you as a person, they know nothing of you. Don't take it personal.

Now that I was officially in, how hard would it really be?! If just getting in was indicative of the difficulty level, I was screwed.

Part II: [Freshman Year] F2009-Sp2010
My visit to the school was during orientation. Orientation seems intimidating, but trust me you're going to forget 90% of what was said about 48 hours later (unless you take notes). My second visit was when I met with my academic advisor about a week before school started. He told me about what classes would be offered in the fall and what I should take based on my major. He was a very nice guy and he made me feel a little more confident about the upcoming semester. Since I was a first generation college student, I didn't go to my parents for advice about scheduling classes. I have an aunt who has a degree but that was thirty years ago, things have evolved. I trusted my advisor because he has a Ph.D and I believed with all his education and training, he knew what was best for me, but of course the only person who knows what's best for you is YOU!

He told me it would be best to take all the freshman level courses that were available and I did so. I signed up for SIX classes (16 credit hours). Coming from high school, where I took 7 classes per day, I truly thought I was getting off easy. In college it's different. Each class is much more heavily weighted than a high school course. You spend less time in class, but you're also supposed to spend more time doing out of class work. Also, unlike in high school where your classes are back-to-back, in college your schedule can be all over the place, and if you're a commuter like I was the drive time just makes it a bit more tiring. You can also have classes on different parts of the campus, if you attend a large college your 10AM class might be two miles away from your 11:30AM. These are the things advisors and orientation speakers don't tell you. When you're in high school, you're at school for a set block of time (ex. 7:30AM - 2:30PM). You don't have to think about driving time, traffic, parking, lunch, and how to work all these things into your schedule. It's a lot worse if you have a job as well, but I'll get to that la. First time college students are usually foreign to the idea of planning their schedules, it's been planned for years! I said all that to say, six classes was overload! That was the first and the last time I would take so many classes, but in the moment I thought I could handle it.

Here was my class schedule:
General Biology I - Monday 6:00PM-8:45PM
Chemistry I - Tues. & Thurs. 9:15AM-10:30AM
Chemistry I Lab - Wednesday 11:00AM-1:45PM
English I - Friday 8:00AM-10:45AM
College Algebra I - Wednesday 6:00PM-8:45PM
Intro to Baccalaureate Education (aka Freshman Seminar) Tues. 6:00-8:45

This is an example of the WORST class schedule one could ever have. I'm sure there's worse, but this is pretty bad. I had class everyday, three evening classes, and one super early class on Fridays. Thankfully my job was very flexible and I could work around my school schedule but still, my days were often very long. Another tip: If you want an ideal schedule, get your classes scheduled early! I am a huge procrastinator and It took a few years before I understood that getting the best schedule meant early planning.

Do I even need to tell y'all this? That semester went awry really quickly. I had no time to really study because I was tired all the time. It was mentally very taxing taking so many classes, having to remember everything, and maintaining a job. It was one of the most stressful semesters because I was trying so hard to keep up with everything, it just all failed. I had a 2.3 GPA that semester, which was the lowest I had ever earned academically at that point. I wanted to take all those hours because I knew of other students taking those amount of hours and being just fine...Why should I be different?

The next semester I took five classes, which was better, but still a little more stressful than I would've liked. My schedule was a little better and the classes were a little bit easier. I had great teachers during the Spring 2010 semester, I enjoyed it and my grades improved a little, not drastically, but some.

All in all, I know this is going to sound to cliche but freshman year is about finding yourself. I don't mean discovering all your hidden talents and unlocking the key to your future, it's really about finding what works for YOU. This is another piece of advice I wish someone would've told me when I was a freshman. I think if you're a first time college student you should take the least amount of hours you're comfortable with*. Even if your advisor says you should take more, you know yourself better than anyone. It's also your money funding your education, choose wisely.

I think the best part of my freshman year was just the general experience of it.  There's a different dynamic in college as far as the people and the feel. There are lots of people from all different backgrounds, ages, experiences, etc. I had my first college crush as well, which is hard in itself since a semester only lasts a few months. You don't have all school year long to fawn over your crush. His name was Taylor and he spoke Cajun French...Sighs....

*Note: If you're receiving financial aid, you're usually required to be a full-time student for some grants/loans/scholarships. Full-time is usually 12 credit hours. I'm saying 'usually' because all colleges/universities have different measures for these things. Check with your financial aid office before you make any decisions. 
Part III:[Sophomore Year] F2010-2012
Will be posted sometime in August
Part IV: [Junior & Senior Years] Spr2013-Spr2015
Will be posted sometime in August

Marriage Equality: Did Love Really Win?

OK, earlier today I was falling asleep over and over again trying to type this blog on my phone. I was extremely tired and had not slept in well over 24 hours but in the midst of the excitement, I wanted to get this post out. It was all typed and ready to go, that is until I fell asleep again forgetting to press the 'save' button. When I woke up, the entire post was gone and all of my brilliant words were nowhere to be found, so I'm trying again. This time I'm lucid and on my laptop, the convenience of technology ain't always convenient, but I digress...

The other night, I couldn't sleep at all. It wasn't insomnia it was just the fact that since I've graduated from college and I've been on the job hunt, my sleep schedule is non-existent. I sleep whenever I drop. Sometimes it's frustrating, but yesterday I was glad to be awake when the historic announcement was made: Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the 5-4 vote by the SCOTUS (US Supreme Court).

Usually when historical events happen in this country, I'm usually the last to know, and when I become invested in said historical event everyone else has moved on. This time I had a front row ticket. I was excited to see that the LGBT community can now have access to the same right that heterosexual folks have. The freedom to express their love for each other publicly without government intervention. Initially, I was excited for my LGBT friends who have been with their partners for a while and want to take that next step. I am still excited for them, but I have my issues.

I am a firm believer in building a house starting with the foundation. This is a metaphor for starting with the very basics in order to get to the grand result. When a house is being built, the workers aren't going to start by putting up windows and doors. It's a process, a very logical process that goes in stages until the home is completely built. While marriage IS important, I believe those very basic issues have not been dealt with. It's a luxury if all you have to worry about is where you can get married.

LGBT stands for more than stereotypical gay white male. It's more than being flamboyant or dressing up in drag. People seem to forget all that LGBT should be. It's lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, AND transgendered. Many people want to discard the LBT which is oppressive in itself. In a sense, I think it's easier for Americans to swallow the stereotypical gay white male so they sort of accept it. When you mention transgendered, people lose their minds and make those awful frowny faces that kids make when they see broccoli and peas. They can't grasp the concept of transgender and truthfully they don't want to. It's too deviant, it's too deep, they'd rather run and hide. With bi-sexuals it's similar, most people pass them off as confused or just in an experimental phase. They refuse to acknowledge that someone could be attracted to both sexes, again it's easier to avoid the issue and look the other way.

This whole marriage equality thing feels sort of the same way. We're not going to try to understand you and your issues. Let's not address the fact that trans people are tortured and murdered just because of their gender identity. Let's not talk about how LGBT teens lack adequate housing and food because they are often kicked out by their parents who refuse to accept who they are. We're all going to turn the other cheek and ignore the struggle lesbian couples have just walking down the street with their partner. Oh and let's completely ignore the special struggles of black LGBT people, because white LGBT people still have privilege. I'm not trying to be nit-picky, but what I'm staying is that all of these pieces are a part of the proverbial LGBT house. Allowing gay marriage is not the foundation, but it is a start, I suppose. Allowing gay marriage won't make the LGBT community more 'loved' as a whole.

Now to address the religious people...And this is coming from a Christian with lots of love :)

I vowed to avoid social media after the announcement, especially Facebook where the "It's not God's way" folks roam. The God argument is completely bogus, and if you truly believe in Christ you should agree. If you are a faithful servant to the Lord, continue to praise and worship him as you did yesterday and this morning. Gay marriage might not be what you want or support, but geez...Don't let the court's decision change your own personal beliefs about marriage. The SCOTUS didn't force anything down your throats, they're not making you change your beliefs. The United States is full of many different religions and beliefs, which is why the separation of church and state is necessary. What if the government chose to incorporate Islam into the constitution, I bet a whole lot of people would be for the separation of church of state then. Tuh.

How do you all feel about the marriage equality ruling? Are you satisfied? Should other matters count or should we look at the bigger picture?

June 11, 2015

5 Friends You DON'T Need In Your Adult Life

For the past couple days I've been seeing this article on my Facebook timeline at least 3-4 times each day. Usually since Facebook often contains fake or spam links, I'm often reluctant to click on anything that's not from a reputable source. One of my FB friends is quite finicky about posting links so when he shared it, I deemed it trustworthy.

The article is titled 5 Friends You Need In Your Adult Life so of course this post kind of piggybacks off of it. Click on the link to read the article!

I really liked the fact that the writer included the term 'adult life' because as we grow we change, our minds change, our needs change.  The things you might have enjoyed in elementary/middle/high school, probably aren't the same things you enjoy now. Friendships are tough especially as you grow and evolve. I believe adulthood means going on an upward trajectory, and bad friends can be an anchor that holds you back from reaching optimum success. It's so much easier said than done but if your friend feels more like a chore or an anchor, maybe it's time to let go. All of these types of friends are what I'd call The Take 90% and Give 10% Squad.

1. The negative/pessimistic friend
At any age if you have a super negative friend, you should let them go. I am a pessimist but not extremely so. I don't go around crushing dreams and slapping babies, I keep my pessimism to myself and contained to my own situations. Negativity can hurt you even if you don't see it now, it can truly make you physically ill. I had a friend who was extremely negative and her negative vibe made me sick, literally. It was taxing to be around her and she drained me emotionally. I remember going to work and crying because her negativity just put a black cloud over my life. You don't need those kinds of people in your life. The kind of people that make you feel self-conscious, where you're always second guessing or you're never sure when you're 'right'. These people are hurting in their own lives and their intention is to bring others down with them, they enjoy it. Ditch them ASAP, life is much too short.

2. The non-adult adult friend
Nope, that's not a typo. The non-adult adult friend is someone who is technically an adult age-wise but still lives with their parents, are being financially supported mostly (if not solely) by their parents, and/or the person who just doesn't get what it means to be a mature, responsible adult. For a while, it'll be fun. You'll get to enjoy you friend's mom's cooking while affectionately calling her 'mama', your friend can supply endless rounds of drinks at the bar since they don't have rent/a mortgage to pay, and if you're short on gas money you know you can always borrow money because they are never broke. However, as time progresses you'll start to notice just how different you two are. They may have a job and some things to call their own but they just won't understand your gripes about being broke or why you sit in the dark everyday just to save on the electric bill. Being an adult truly needs to be experienced. A non-adult adult friend won't get it and it'll be fristrating to deal with someone who doesn't understand you and your issues. If you want to surround yourself with uplifting and successful people who are able to empathize in regards to 'adulting', the non-adult adult is not the one.

3. The overly spontaneous friend
As most people grow older they tend to want more securiry and stability in their lives. Not all but most. Spontaneous friends are hard to keep because they can be reckless. They may call you to come over when it's 4AM for a random gossip session but you have to be at work at 8AM. A spontaneous friend could actually have some benefits, they might make your life more interesting and diverse. As an adult you can get into the groove of doing the same thing everyday and a spontaneous friend can make things lively. A little spontaneity isn't always bad.

One of my friends lamented that he had started going out with a new, spontaneous girl. She was cool, adventurous, and spontaneous. After a few weeks he started to complain because going out is expensive and he had bills to pay and groceries to buy. She still insisted that they go out but eventually he started to refuse. I think this all goes back to maturity. Yes, it's ok to be spontaneous sometimes but not to the point where it's breaking the bank or disrupting your career. These people also tend to constantly break the law or put you in risky situations that could end up landing you in jail, fined, and/or physically hurt. Such as going 50 miles over the speed limit during a thunderstorm while drinking a codeine concoction...Ok that's extreme, but you truly never know with an overly spontaneous friend.

Spontaneous friends also seem to have a knack for being unreliable. They can be so unpredictable because they follow the wind without a care in the world. You don't need someone in your life who's never there for you.

4. The friend who takes no initiative
Have you ever had a friend that never calls you but they always expect you to call them? A friend who never wants to meet up unless you want to meet up? A friend who says "well you never called me" on a daily/regular basis? This is my leadt favorite of them all. These type of friends want you to chase them and they always make it seem as if you're at fault. This friend won't take the initiative to contact you first no matter what. As busy adults, most of us don't have time for chasing and even if we do, it's not something we want to do. I truly believe if someone cares for you and wants a true friendship, they'd have no problem contacting you first. Building a friendship takes two people and if one side bears all the weight, it's more taxing than it should be.

5. The defensive or selfish friend
The defensive friend is one that hardly ever listens to what you say because they're always right. As you grow into an adult, you and your friends will seek out your dreams, whether it's owning a house, buying a car, starting a business or moving to a different state. As friends, discussing goals and dreams will become the norm at Friday night outings. The defensive friend is the one at the table who usually over talks everyone else to get their point across, not caring what anyone has to say. Simply, if this person has all the answers to life already, why do they need you as a friend? The defensive friend and the selfish friend go hand-in-hand and since they don't add anything to your life besides unwanted opinions, why not let them go? 

All in all, all of these friends are people who lack maturity and understanding of the real world. These are people who will not only hinder your growth but also they subtract from your life rather than add to it. Surround yourself with good people who give to you as much as you give to them. Friends that understand you, care about you, grow with you and value your friendship. If you have to sit back and wonder why you're friends with someone, that's a true sign that maybe you shouldn't reconsider your relationship.

What other types of friends should you avoid in your adult life? 

June 7, 2015

Pretty Hurts

Everytime I hear the words 'pretty', 'beautiful', or 'gorgeous' I cringe. I always feel like there is a league of 'pretty' (American society's idea of pretty that is) women and I'm not a part of it. Sort of like the picture above. That's not to say that I don't think I'm pretty, I do! I've come a long way to be who I am and I know I'm physically pretty, at least by my own standards. I get it, we all have a different definition of beauty but in general society there is an ideal that I know I don't meet. I'm fat, dark brown skinned, I have kinky hair, and a huge nose by society's standard I am null and void. 

Last week someone said, "I met these girls and they were gorgeous". I imagined thin/average weight, long nearly perfect wavy hair, light brown skinned (closer to fair than not) and they were probably dressed to kill. I know this isn't everyone's idea of beautiful and it shouldn't be. But I've been brainwashed like most people. When the person said "gorgeous" group of girls" I could not imagine a group of girls that look like me. It's weird, I can see the beauty in me but I know most people can't see my beauty on first glance.

I have been brainwashed and it is sometimes hard to get away from it. Certain people won't befriend you if you don't fit "the look" and some guys won't even date you if he thinks his friends or society won't approve. I have an example. 

A friend (Bree) and I discussed this mutual friend (Joe) and his new relationship. Bree introduced Joe to her half-sister (Jessica) a couple months ago. I asked Bree how it was  going between Jessica and Joe and she just shook her head initially. She said that Jessica is a really sweet girl and that she and Joe talked everyday and had a good time together. So I asked, "Okay, so what's the problem?" and she said "Well, Joe likes her but he thinks she's too fat and dark, he doesn't date girls like that...Cause they aren't  attractive and..." I'm assuming at this point Bree noticed the twisted up face I was making and decided to not finish her statement. If she is nice and you two get along well, why can't you date her? 

People say looks don't matter all the time but I have only met two people who truly honor that statement. It's hard dating in this society. I think I have an amazing personality and lots of love to give but people don't see that on first glance, do they? 

A friend of mine asked if I would try online dating, since she's had lots of success with it. I've tried online dating and it just wasn't for me. I'm kind of old fashioned in a sense, why can't I find someone the old fashioned way? Since I am an introvert and my appearance is not super-model-esque the online dating thing is probably my best option. But still I believe my soulmate is a true man who'd see my actions and interactions before anything else.

Pretty hurts because the definition of 'pretty' is always physical. My flesh is beautiful but my soul, heart, and my mind are radiantly gorgeous beyond measure. Pretty hurts because it's something I can't live up to because I'm an unconventional type of beauty. Pretty doesn't have to hurt though. If you truly believe you are good, beautiful, and worthy just being who you are is quite sufficient. Comparisons to 'pretty people' are unnecessary if you love who you are and can see your own beauty, society's definition of 'pretty' doesn't matter! 

I know for a fact that's easier said than done because we place SO much value on the flesh, the physical, and the tangible. The most valuable things in life are the unseen, such as faith, love, empathy, and spirit. I fall victim to feeling depressed about appearance issues all the time but the good days outweigh the bad. Just getting to those good days is the greatest feeling. 

June 5, 2015

Riley Curry, North West, and Blue Ivy

Baby Girls in Hollywood - 

I will be the first to admit it, kids annoy me. They're loud, needy, and shockingly honest, even if it offends. With all that being said, I'm no grinch and I don't hate children. As much as they can be loud, needy, and rude they can also be extremely cute, charming, and adorable. Alas, they are children, learning and growing everyday and ignorant to the nuances of social etiquette and self-sufficiency. None of us came out of the womb knowing how to tend to ourselves and knowing that it's not ok to scream and cry in public. We were all helpless dependents. 

A few weeks ago, Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry brought his daughter, Riley, along for a post-game press conference. Riley sat in her father's arms for a while but it wasn't long before she took the mic and unintentionally stole the show. I'm not a basketball fan, but on social media sites I kept seeing the image of Riley grabing the mic, while her father seemed flustered in the background. As I said, children scream 'annoying' to me, so even before watching the video clips I wondered why would they allow seemingly annoying Riley to join her father at these conferences? Especially if she is a blatant distraction. So, a few days ago I decided to watch the clips of her 'stealing the show' and I was surprised. Riley is truly adorable! She grabs the mic out of pure curiosity and doesn't understand what she's doing. She doesn't seem to want to be the center of attention she's just curious.

Since Riley's appearance on TV, there have been real debates on how she should be handled, how rude she is, how she needs to be raised appropriately, and even about her looks. 

Fast forward a couple days...There was a picture of Kanye and Kim Kardashian-West's baby North on my Twitter timeline. I am not a fan of the duo but north is gorgeous and she's an innocent baby. The picture on my timeline showed North smiling and I'm not sure if she was in the tub or not, but her face was wet with water. One guy made a caption for the picture saying that "North was practicing for her first facial". For those of you that don't know, the term 'facial' can be a sexual term meaning when a man ejaculates semen on to a woman's (or man's) face. Since Kim is notoriously known for her sex tape and sex symbol status it is safe to assume that this is the way it was meant to be interpreted. Many people retweeted it, they called it hilarious, it was the joke of the night. Again, there real debates on her looks and even how she is dressed. How could you sexualize a baby girl? It's disgusting and deplorable. 

Lastly, Blue Ivy. People have criticized her looks since birth. They wanted her to be 'ugly' therefore they call her such. I know you've all seen the posts, blogs, essays, and even petitions regarding her hair. 

All of these things above are generated by adults. Not immature school children on a playground. Knowledgeable, grown folks are making fun of children. Not just children, baby girls. If Riley, North, or Blue were boys none of these things would be issues. People are upset because Riley has a personality and is not shy. People are upset because North doesn't wear frilly dresses all the time. People are upset because Blue doesn't wear her hair in ponytails adorned with ribbons and barrettes. People are upset because these babies are not in their 'place' as little girls. It's truly awful that these little girls have society harping down on them and they aren't even 5 years old. 

Several years ago, when Michael Jackson's children were younger people called him crazy for having his children wear veils and blankets to cover them from the paparazzi. He was anything but crazy, he was being a parent who wanted to protect his children from the harsh criticism that Riley, North, and Blue are already facing. He took the brunt, being called crazy so his children wouldn't have to be called ugly, nappy-headed, or just not socially acceptable. 

In everyday life, little girls face criticism but not on such a large scale. It's all hurtful, it all negatively affects their self esteem. Regardless of how you may feel about their parents, they are innocent children. Before I make this statement I want to preface with the fact that I am not saying women are weak or inferior. I do want to say that I think women are very vulnerable and we are FORCED to have to keep up appearances and to play the feminine role. When we aren't dainty, polite, quiet, thin, modest, dressed in pink, and neat it's a problem. We're 'deviant' if we're not all those things plus some. Attacking a woman's (or in this case a little girl's) femininity is the lowest of blows according to society. 

Wonen have always been a representation of chaos, lewdness, unruliness, and disorder. We are always the problem, and it truly sickens me that Riley, North, Blue, and many other girls are subject to this at such a young age. When does the cycle end? Particularly with black little girls. Their first oppressor is their race closely followed by their sex. We are even pitted against each other from a young age as if we're all enemies. When I looked up images of North and Blue, Google suggested that I see pictures of them side-by-side. Again, some people have created several memes related to which girl has the best face, hair, etc. Sad.

I think it's important to encourage our little girls from birth to love themselves and embrace who they are. The importance of being society's definition of 'feminine' will be a major part of their life from birth. It's NOT important to be what society calls 'feminine'. To be feminine is something up for debate I suppose. For me it means strength, courage, "we are than our bodies", self-love, development, respect, and above all else self-worth in a society that says you will never be worthy. 

Riley, North, and Blue are more than their random outbursts, their clothing, their hair, and even their famous parents...It's time people take notice, it's time for adults to grow up and get out of the mindset that it's ok to marginalize these babies.