June 27, 2015

Marriage Equality: Did Love Really Win?

OK, earlier today I was falling asleep over and over again trying to type this blog on my phone. I was extremely tired and had not slept in well over 24 hours but in the midst of the excitement, I wanted to get this post out. It was all typed and ready to go, that is until I fell asleep again forgetting to press the 'save' button. When I woke up, the entire post was gone and all of my brilliant words were nowhere to be found, so I'm trying again. This time I'm lucid and on my laptop, the convenience of technology ain't always convenient, but I digress...

The other night, I couldn't sleep at all. It wasn't insomnia it was just the fact that since I've graduated from college and I've been on the job hunt, my sleep schedule is non-existent. I sleep whenever I drop. Sometimes it's frustrating, but yesterday I was glad to be awake when the historic announcement was made: Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states, thanks to the 5-4 vote by the SCOTUS (US Supreme Court).

Usually when historical events happen in this country, I'm usually the last to know, and when I become invested in said historical event everyone else has moved on. This time I had a front row ticket. I was excited to see that the LGBT community can now have access to the same right that heterosexual folks have. The freedom to express their love for each other publicly without government intervention. Initially, I was excited for my LGBT friends who have been with their partners for a while and want to take that next step. I am still excited for them, but I have my issues.

I am a firm believer in building a house starting with the foundation. This is a metaphor for starting with the very basics in order to get to the grand result. When a house is being built, the workers aren't going to start by putting up windows and doors. It's a process, a very logical process that goes in stages until the home is completely built. While marriage IS important, I believe those very basic issues have not been dealt with. It's a luxury if all you have to worry about is where you can get married.

LGBT stands for more than stereotypical gay white male. It's more than being flamboyant or dressing up in drag. People seem to forget all that LGBT should be. It's lesbians, gays, bi-sexuals, AND transgendered. Many people want to discard the LBT which is oppressive in itself. In a sense, I think it's easier for Americans to swallow the stereotypical gay white male so they sort of accept it. When you mention transgendered, people lose their minds and make those awful frowny faces that kids make when they see broccoli and peas. They can't grasp the concept of transgender and truthfully they don't want to. It's too deviant, it's too deep, they'd rather run and hide. With bi-sexuals it's similar, most people pass them off as confused or just in an experimental phase. They refuse to acknowledge that someone could be attracted to both sexes, again it's easier to avoid the issue and look the other way.

This whole marriage equality thing feels sort of the same way. We're not going to try to understand you and your issues. Let's not address the fact that trans people are tortured and murdered just because of their gender identity. Let's not talk about how LGBT teens lack adequate housing and food because they are often kicked out by their parents who refuse to accept who they are. We're all going to turn the other cheek and ignore the struggle lesbian couples have just walking down the street with their partner. Oh and let's completely ignore the special struggles of black LGBT people, because white LGBT people still have privilege. I'm not trying to be nit-picky, but what I'm staying is that all of these pieces are a part of the proverbial LGBT house. Allowing gay marriage is not the foundation, but it is a start, I suppose. Allowing gay marriage won't make the LGBT community more 'loved' as a whole.

Now to address the religious people...And this is coming from a Christian with lots of love :)

I vowed to avoid social media after the announcement, especially Facebook where the "It's not God's way" folks roam. The God argument is completely bogus, and if you truly believe in Christ you should agree. If you are a faithful servant to the Lord, continue to praise and worship him as you did yesterday and this morning. Gay marriage might not be what you want or support, but geez...Don't let the court's decision change your own personal beliefs about marriage. The SCOTUS didn't force anything down your throats, they're not making you change your beliefs. The United States is full of many different religions and beliefs, which is why the separation of church and state is necessary. What if the government chose to incorporate Islam into the constitution, I bet a whole lot of people would be for the separation of church of state then. Tuh.

How do you all feel about the marriage equality ruling? Are you satisfied? Should other matters count or should we look at the bigger picture?