August 2, 2015

Plus Size Tag

I was watching my new favorite Youtuber's channel and came across this tag video ( and wanted to do it myself. Enjoy! 

1.What do you classify yourself as: (example) Curvy; Fat; Thick; Plussize; Heavy; Ample? PHAT (Pretty Hot and Tempting)

I call myself fat! I used to really hate the word because of the negative connotation it carried with being teased and all but I've embraced it. However, I don't like other people calling me fat. I'd rather "big/bigger" or "heavy/heavier". 

2. What is your Body shape: (example) Hourglass; Spoon; Rectangle; Triangle; Pear; Apple?

I am definitely apple shaped.

3. Are you comfortable /happy at your current size? What is your (positive) as a plus size person?

Currently as I type this, I am happy at my current size. I have many days where I hate my body, but today I'm feeling it. I will say that 98% of the time I am not happy with my size, especially when I'm out and about and can see how much bigger I am than most people. 
I think the best part about being plus size is shutting down naysayers. Shutting down those people who think we should hate ourselves because of our fatness. It is so beautiful seeing plus size girls with so much confidence! People hate us for just existing, showing up and showing out is so much fun. 

4. Would you like to lose weight and if so how much? What is your Negative as a plus size person?

Yes, I'd love to lose weight. I'm not sure exactly how much I want to lose but I'd like to be able to fit into a 24/26 pair of jeans and a 3XL shirt. That's my goal.

The most negative thing about being plus size is being judged just based off of appearance/size. The stares, teasing, being called lazy, people giving you unwanted dieting advice, guys who won't talk to you because you're fat, etc. 

5. What is a Fat thing that you do and think is funny? Example (breathe heavy or sweat profusely)

I put my hands underneath my belly all the time to keep them warm lol.

6. What is your Plussize pet peeve?
I hate this whole division of fat girls. Such as what's curvy, thick, and fat. We're all fat. See blog: 

Also, I hate when fat girls judge other fat girls. I had a fat friend who was so downtrodden on herself and other fat people it made me really uncomfortable. 

7. GIVE US A PLUSSIZE TIP (example) deodorant in creases; angling for the camera a certain way to appear slimmer)

Look at yourself naked and invest in a full body mirror. Look at yourself naked, it really helps with self esteem. Fall in love with yourself!

Now...I tag YOU! If you do this tag, let me know in the comments. 


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