March 3, 2016

Funky Dineva vs. Michelle ATLien (Straight From the A)

Usually I’m never really on Facebook especially if I’m looking for entertainment, but I guess the Nessa Gawds were with me last night. I am an avid and longtime fan of Funky Dineva (FD). I am even a contributing writer for so my love for him is overly abundant. However, I am a writer and the integrity of my name is important to me so being honest and fair supercedes love and everything else. Hear me out. So anyway, I happened to see that FD posted a new blog post about Michelle the “ATLien”. Now I don’t know Michelle and I have never visited Straight From the A until this morning, but I have seen her on a few of FD’s earlier Youtube videos. They seemed to be close from the videos and I would sometimes see him mention her on his social media posts so I knew of her existence in FD’s life. Much like everyone else, I was quite surprised to see him posting about her being “bitter” and owning a “raggedy” townhouse.

One thing I have noticed about FD over the years is that when he goes in, he goes in, let’s have and gives you some sauce on the side. Going in, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Like I said, I had always believed that him and Michelle were close. FD delivered an umteenth page document that read like a legal deposition. He provided facts, figurines, and even a video about the stuff that went on between him and Michelle. FD posted a blog about specifically what made the relationship between him and Michelle turn sour. See it HERE! It came not very long after Michelle decided to get on Periscope and make a 13 minute video and a blog post about how FD left her rental property dirty and dingy. She also mentioned his alleged drug problem and how she wants to see all of her friends succeed. Personally, I found the post very tasteless. If that’s your friend, you don’t go on your gossip blog and out him/her. If she was really trying to help her friend and uplift her friend in prayer, then I think she totally went about it in the wrong manner. I could understand her staging some sort of intervention IF he was really cracked out. But if you’re truly come from a place of love and concern, you would surround your friends with loved ones and positivity. Anyway…

On Straight From the A, Michelle posted pictures of how FD allegedly left her rental property. Quiet as it’s kept, that lil couch was nice. I wish it would’ve been left on my block, cause it matches my drapes and valances. Michelle provided this ‘Open Post’ which was supposed to be a revealing her soul tell-all, but it fell flat. She seems to want to come off as Iyanla Vanzant. In response to all the accusations, as I stated, FD blogged about it with screenshots, pictures, and receipts. He acknowledges that he was wrong on some accounts for lack of communication, lack of funds after the passing of his mother, and taking advantage of the friendship situation. If his landlord had not been Michelle, things probably would’ve escalated a lot quicker than it did, but probably without all the extra public drama. Sometimes it is better to deal with strangers than friends, ‘specially in regards to business. FD acknowledges that and he totally understands that he owed her money, his problem comes with the pettiness, which he describes in the video. He admits to his faults, where as Michelle is seemingly trying to come off as peacemaker and victim. See FD's video HERE!

Now let’s backtrack a little bit...A few months ago rumors were swirling around that FD had a drug problem which is why he had stopped posting on his blog and making videos. I put being a fan aside and used my own logic. During this time period FD announced that his mother had passed away after a bout with cancer. As a child of a parent who succumbed to cancer, I can truly say I understood. I wasn’t sure if FD was his mother’s caregiver or not but still the diagnosis of cancer alone affects everyone involved. Some days you’re up and some days you’re down and don’t feel like doing anything stimulating. Many people were saying that due to his mother’s illness and consequent death he was using cocaine to cope. Now I can only tell you my experiences with cancer, however, everyone deals and grieves differently. I’m not a personal friend of FD and I’m not in his household on a daily basis so I don’t know what FD was or was not doing to deal with the stress of his mother’s illness. I didn’t believe that FD was abusing drugs, I think he was depressed as most people who are affected by cancer are. When the rumors appeared, FD paid them dust and did not address anything pertaining to it. To some, silence is confirmation. I just didn’t believe it because FD was moving and shaking behind the scenes, which is something I know for a fact. He is always coherent, organized, and professional when it comes to anything regarding his brand, even in the midst of his mother’s death.

As FD would say, “Never tear someone down without building them up first”.I love FD and everything that he does. He is truly talented, funny, wise, and inspirational. Especially for anyone wanting to be a part of the entertainment/gossip blogosphere. However, I want to pose these questions to everyone, as it seems to be the most popular thing people are asking about this whole fiasco. When you see your friend doing other people wrong and down right dirty why do you continue being their friend? When you hear your friend talking about the person who they were just giggling with why do you remain friends with them? When your friend does something that makes you question their morality, why do you remain friends with them? I struggle with this personally with one of my friends who I should’ve let loose a long time ago. FD read Michelle for absolute filth and dust with pristine brilliance, however, I just can’t understand why you would remain friends with someone who you know is crazy and messy. It’s human and not just a fault of FD, we’re all guilty of it. He did admit that she often paid for the dining expenses and also said she mentored him in regards to blogging. He could have been tagging along either for the monetary/gift perks or because he felt obliged to stand by her because of her help getting him started. Either way, often times in friendships, we see problematic things that upset us but it’s easier to say “That’s my friend, at the end of the day, I know her/his heart.” and yes we do their hearts, and sometimes the truth is, their hearts are very much tainted.

All in all, FD said that this is his first and last time addressing the issue. I haven’t been on the site since this morning to see her initial post, but as of now there’s been no response on her end. According to FD, Michelle’s hair is laid like Chicken of the Sea. Michelle’s hair is laid like Flounder and Tilapia. Michelle’s hair is laid like Joe’s Crab Shack. I’m not taking sides, but if you read through the fine print, you’ll understand my sentiments exactly. At the end of the day both parties were wrong to some degree, but how it was handled is what really tipped over the the teapot, literally. Anyway while we’re at it, just for fun...What else is Michelle’s hair laid like?

All jokes aside, what do you think about everything that’s transpired? Who do you believe?


  1. I believe DINEVA since he provided concrete facts and evidence of the conversations had about the payment. YES he was wrong for not paying on time although this was due to circumstances beyond his control (this time) but I think smiling in my face and eating my food and hanging out with me knowing your trying to evict me is as fake and as phony as it comes. She may have mentored DINEVA but it's obvious that she's jealous b/c like you, I never heard or went to her blog until yesterday and I Looooove me some FUNKY DINEVA. At the end of the day they both could have handled it better.

  2. The truth is someplace in the middle. If he had a drug problem, would he have paid her anything - let alone if he were doing meth or coke? It's a shame really that things broke down in the manner they have. They are both wrong for how they've handled the situation overall.

  3. I find it ridiculous, vexing and reductive that someone can come to your door and even break bread with you all while conspiring to have you put on the street. Although I understand that you can't always mix business with pleasure, however, IF you do, there are rules of engagement. When someone experiences the loss of a mother, that is a significant life event. Any person that would ride you over 1K less than a month after you buried your mom all the while knowing you are grieving and faced with an unforeseen financial burden is a loathsome and sad individual. I wouldn't treat and erstwhile friend with such disregard, moreless, someone I'm kicking it with on the regular. Yes, buddy should have come with a viable plan of repayment. Yes, when she threw him under the bus, he should have taken the high road...right is right and right don't wrong nobody. Yes, he took advantage of the situation to an extent by paying on the 22nd versus earlier in the month...however, if the wench had a problem with the timeframe of payment, that should have been addressed early on. If she wasn't levying late charges, then don't have nothing to say after the fact. This woman is foul and contemptible. point. blank. period. I would stay as far as her as the east is from the west.