October 25, 2016

The Science of Taylor Swift

I don't know what's more disturbing: The fact that I can still relate to 16 year old Taylor Swift or that I still wish I had an acoustic guitar to lay in bed and cry with. BTW - I couldn't come up with a catchy blog title, so it's random and weird, I know. 

It's hard to believe that it's been TEN years since Taylor came onto the scene writing about what it was like to be uncool, lame, and passed over by all the guys for the popular pretty chicks. 

The formula was nothing new, it has played out in numerous teen flicks and coming of age stories. In music though, many of the young stars were people you wanted to be because they were so beautifully cool and unattainable. Swift switched the game up to the point where you didn't aspire to be her, you were already her! She wasn't a perfect star or figure, she was below average just like the rest us dweebs. It was truly life altering for a lot of the teens my age back then. We were past the Disney Princess age and realized love wasn't as easy to gain as TV made it out to be. Taylor gave us hope and made us believe in real life fairytales again. That we, too, could end up with the great guy and live happily ever after. If Taylor could, so could I. The marketing science was quite genius! She was a mixture of Avril Lavigne (melancholy) and Carrie Underwood (sweet country twang). 

For a few years, I was a die hard Swifty. I have acted out her music videos far too many times in my bedroom. Oh, if my walls could talk! Now the times have changed and she's no longer the Taylor I fell in love with. Today, any new Taylor gets an automatic skip from me and after 2011 I swiftly gave up my Swifty membership. Adult Taylor grew up and became something else that I just don't care for. She's not a 16 year old anymore but I'm still stuck in a time capsule, per usual. Anyway, here are my favorite Taylor Swift songs:

You Belong With Me - At the end of the music video, Taylor takes off her glasses, puts on a fancy dress and wins the guy who she's been in love with forever. Can you say superhuman?? When I take off my glasses and I'm blind. If I put on a fancy dress my brother would look at me and ask "WTF are you doing?". 

Love Story - Taylor tackles Shakespeare AND Hawthorne, can we appreciate how literary and well read she is? Romeo, Juliet, and The Scarlet Letter wrapped up in one. Forget English class, the point is Taylor fought against her parents and society for her true love. Why did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize for Literature when there's The Swift? Seriously, I remember crying my eyes out when I first heard this song. The feels. All the teenage feels. 

Back to December - Truly her best song, in my opinion. It reminds me of autumn/winter and running away from relationships. Two of my favorite things! 

I'm still trying to master the legendary perfect single tear drop cry, but then I lose it...


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